Optimizing Success by Empowering Others with Matthew Pettit

Across the Table

Apr 27 2023 • 20 mins

When leading a company, few things are as important as building a strong team and empowering those team members, according to Matthew Pettit, founding partner of Seven Hills Capital.

Before Matt formed Seven Hills Capital, he founded and worked as CEO of another successful business, Ascend Dermatology. His goal was to create an organization that provided top-tier compassionate care to dermatology patients and to offer a unique succession planning vehicle for practice owners. With that expertise under his belt and his prior experience as a healthcare private equity investor, Matt took his skill set and started Seven Hills Capital, an operator centric private equity firm focused on the healthcare industry.

On this episode of Across the Table, host Alyssa Campbell speaks with Matt about successful strategies he and his team have used to address staffing challenges, how acquisition growth strategies have shifted in a post-COVID world, and his emphasis on positivity in the workplace.

Featured Guest

Name: Matthew Pettit

What he does: As the founder of Seven Hills Capital, Matthew is focused on building the best in class healthcare services companies. Matthew set out to create a long-term operating perspective to healthcare services investing.

Organization: Seven Hills Capital

Connect: LinkedIn

Acquired Knowledge

Top takeaways from this Across the Table episode

  • The key to retaining employees comes down to good recruitment and good treatment. Matthew credits Seven Hills Capital’s partner companies' skilled recruiters with creating positive work cultures and articulating the company’s goals to prospective employees. Their partner companies provide health benefits and compensations competitive with larger companies, and for back-of-house employees, it also provides in-house daycare and hybrid work-from-home options.
  • Sometimes, you need to take conversations to the front end. When approaching the close of an acquisition process, it’s important to talk to the actual providers. Matthew attributes this to the large spread between buyers and sellers, as well as a tightening market in which cash flow becomes more important.
  • A company is only as good as its employees. Matthew operates under the notion that the right partners will positively impact, change, and drive culture. He believes if you empower employees to grow the way they want, the practice will thrive.


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