Storytelling Power: Caryl and Mary-Jane Sharratt highlight "The Journey" by Brandon Bays, "You Can Heal your Life" by Louise Hay and "Light in the Heart of Darkness" by Kevin Billett

Write the Book Inside You

Oct 2 2021 • 16 mins

Think back to books that changed YOUR life.  Today's episode looks at the power of Storytelling, giving as examples three books:

Caryl Westmore and Mary-Jane Sharratt are co-hosts of the Write the Book Inside You Program showing therapists, coaches, and EFT experts how to write a short helpful book to boost their impact and business.  They originally held this discussion in their Facebook Group - Writing the Book Inside You
But the golden nuggets in this discussion are worth repeating.

You will hear them discuss personal insights and story highlights from the books they've chosen.

How The Journey helped Mary-Jane heal from her cancer diagnosis
The underlying heart-rending story of Kevin Billett's depression going back to his childhood. And how Louise Hay's story of healing from cancer at the end of You Can Heal Your Life is a key to its popularity selling 36 million copies.