Wayout - Creating A World Where Access To Water Is Free (feat. Ulf Stenerhag)

Climate Insiders

May 2 2023 • 30 mins

In today's show, I'm receiving Ulf Stenerhag the Founder of Wayout, a Swedish-based startup that produces Micro-Water Plants the size of a container.

Ulf has a TON of insights to share.

-How to crack the production of water locally and make it trustworthy so that people stop using bottles and drink from the tap again

-Some surprising and shocking facts about the quality of water in our Western cities, and why we might actually ALSO rely on micro water plants in the future

-How could Wayout's model take significant market share away from the Water Giants and eventually create a new model that can scale across all layers of the pyramid

-Ulf's vision of the future where Water becomes literally free



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Ulf Stenerhag is the CEO and Founder of Wayout, a Swedish-based startup that produces Micro-Water Plants the size of a container.

They are tackling one core problem - the production and usage of plastic bottles.

The US Environmental Protection Agency has called plastics “a climate killer.”

If the plastics industry were a country, it would be the fifth largest emitter of greenhouse gases in the world.

Today, 1.3 billion plastic bottles are used EACH DAY across the world, THAT IS about 1 million per minute. If you go to any developing country, you will be frightened by the omnipresence of plastic bottles. They are EVERYWHERE and filling up every body of water around the world.

Wayout addresses the specific problem of water production. They make local production of water possible and we will speak about HOW.



00:12 – Intro

01:01 – Welcoming the guest

01:11 – How does Wayout work and how do they manage water production?

03:29 – How to ensure that the undesirable elements from water are gone?

04:14 – What type of minerals are actually required in drinking water?

05:37 – Does water even get filtered in the West?

07:08 – The perception of bottled water vs. tap water

08:20 – How to win the psychological perception of bottled vs tap water?

10:37 – How does Wayout envision that the water production experience will change over time?

1 4:57 - Who can afford Wayout’s idea, and how will you gradually deploy your solutions?

18:34 – How will big companies (Coca-Cola, Nestle, Danone, PepsiCo) respond to Wayout, and can Wayout even compete with them on the market?

20:18 - What is the long-term relationship between Wayout Solutions and large-scale water treatment facilities?

22:05 – What is the role of the Middle East in Wayout’s development?

23:45 - Why haven't we cracked desalination at scale and isn't it the #1 solution to fix the problem once and for all?

25:53 – Under what conditions can Wayout Solutions address water access to low-income households?

28:23 – Does Wayout always look for two-way solutions

30:06 - Outro



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