Walerud Ventures - Early Klarna investors running hands-on Climate Tech family office (feat. Caroline Walerud)

Climate Insiders

Dec 6 2022 • 36 mins

Caroline Walerud is a Swedish entrepreneur and Partner at Walerud Ventures, a deep-tech investment company that focuses on early-stage green tech startups.

She also co-founded Volumental, a company that developed a cloud-based, 3D-scanning technology to create models to customize products and services. Walerud co-founded Volumental in 2012 together with three computer vision experts.

In this episode, we discuss:

- the most hands-on investment model in the World. Walerud invests and acts as a co-founder

- why Europe seems to trust more finance experts than entrepreneurs as fund managers

- the different roles one can play in Climate Tech Today



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Caroline Walerud is Partner at Walerud Ventures, a deep-tech pre-seed investment firm.

They are the first investors in Klarna, and investors in GreenTech and deep tech companies like Midsummer, Swedish Algae Factory, SatCube and Graphmatech

Caroline has been an entrepreneur since age 14 and has been part of many startup journeys. Now she splits her time between two startups where she is Chairman and Cofounder:

-Volumental - creating custom shoes through the use of 3d scanning and AI

-And AirForestry - Re-inventing Forestry with the use of electric drones.




01:50 - Maternity leave and coming back to work

02:20 - Introduction to Walerud Ventures

03:47 - Deciding who Walerud Ventures wants to work with

05:30 - Deciding which project to continue

06:52 - How do investors feel when the company pulls out?

08:17 - U.S. VC compared to Europe. Are startups everyone’s beginning?

09:45 - Main reasons for differences between the U.S and Europe

13:50 - How can more VCs emulate Walerud board model?

15:31 - The dynamics of the company

17:32 - How does the selection of projects work?

19:49 - Use of drones in forestry. How did Walerud pick this venture?

22:33 - Regulations on forestry

25:14 - The transition from traditional jobs to the climate fight. Which sector of climate should people join?

28:33 - Investor vs entrepreneur who is the better option?

30:53 - The natural flow from entrepreneurship to becoming an investor

32:47 - Rapid fire round

35:59 - Outro



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