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Celebrating Jack Russell Terrier dogs and companionship with canines of every kind! Each Monday, we’ll explore all the hilarious and humbling, heartfelt and harrowing stories that only dog parents can truly relate to. To brighten the end of your week, each Thursday we’ll drop a Zoomiesode—a fast-paced mini episode highlighting news and stories from dog-centric entertainment and social media!

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Mar 1 2021
4 mins
Would You Rather, Jack Russell Terrier Edition & Season Finale Celebration (Zoomiesode)The Dog Podcast Multiverse: Into the WITH A DOG Dimension with Carly the IncredibleThe Top 4 Game Shows Easy for JRTs to Win (Zoomiesode)Dog Breed Name OriginsHonoring K9 Veterans - Paws & Stripes Charity Spotlight (Zoomiesode)FAMOUS JRT: Uggie From The ArtistDisney’s Lilo & Stitch Is the Story of Jack Russell Parenthood (Zoomiesode)Healthy Pet Food TrendsWhy Do Dogs Fetch (Zoomiesode)Jack Russell Terriers, Thugs in Clown Suits - Interview With JRTCA Chairperson Catherine BrownWhat to Do if Your Dog Eats Chocolate (Zoomiesode)Celebrating Your Dog's Birthday#ThrowbackThursday - Top Dog Breeds: 1980's vs. 2020 (Zoomiesode)Leash Reactivity with Doggy Dojo Trainer Susan LightTop 3 Reasons You Should Never Own a Jack Russell Terrier (Zoomiesode)Anaphylaxis and a Coin TossGirl Miraculously Survives Blizzard By Hugging a Dog (Zoomiesode)Why Are There Short and Long-legged Russell Terriers?#1 Zoomiesode of 2021 -  Teenage Girl Fights Off Bear to Save Her Pups (Zoomiesode)Sighthounds and Galgos del Sol with Marylou Hecht