The Atheist Experience 26.47 11-20-2022 with Forrest Valkai and Christy Powell

The Atheist Experience

Nov 21 2022 • 1 hr 25 mins

Welcome back to the show! In today’s episode of the Atheist Experience, Forrest Valkai is joined by Christy Powell!

First up is Damien from WA who wants advice on how to explain to their family that they don’t enjoy the religious inquiries and love, and that their non-belief is not an attack on them.

Jay from IA asks why Atheists feel the need to talk about their non-belief and tell others God doesn’t exist all the time. The answer varies from atheist to atheist based on their own experiences. But don’t worry, the call doesn’t stop there so be sure to keep watching and listening?

Next is Bear from WA who is presenting personal testimony about how they experienced problems with their life, but that these problems resolved themselves after seeking out God.

Eric from WI is calling to tell Atheists that God doesn’t send them to hell, but that we send ourselves. Theists have had 12 years to make the choice to revise and rehabilitate this argument before calling in again, but they haven’t.

Next is Nicole from Armenia who is wondering if the Bible is a good guide for having successful relationships & marriage?

Teo from Croatia wants to talk about how its ridiculous that people judge people who have not read the bible or believe in a God in ways they wouldn’t judge others.