The Atheist Experience 27.10 03-12-2023 with Forrest Valkai and JMike

The Atheist Experience

Mar 13 2023 • 2 hrs 21 mins

In today’s episode of the Atheist Experience, Forrest Valkai is joined by Jmike!

Frank from the USA claims that if you don’t believe in God, your life is meaningless. The first premise of this fallacious “argument” is the existence of objective morality. Here’s my advice, slow down and think this through.

Chris from SC wants clarification on the difference between sex and gender.

Cliff from Canada wants to ask, eventually, why we ought to worship God assuming it is real.

Mr. Warlight is calling in with an argument for the supernatural that our hosts just CAN’T HANDLE.

Abhishek from India wants to know why it’s so important to question religious beliefs and focus on its problems when it does have benefits.

Andrew from Canada’s argument for God is the same processes science textbooks go through when they are updated. Why revamp the bible? If it’s outdated in terms of its conclusions about reality, why would it be useful to go back and rewrite it with our current scientifical findings integrated when the bible has nothing to do with modern science? Instead of having a story with inaccurate claims about reality, you now have a story with some inaccurate carry-overs, because they have to be there for the bible to still be the bible, with some modern scientific understandings sprinkled in.

Chuck from HI believes that matter, space, stars, and Earth are all eternal. Oxygen is as eternal as everyone’s excitement about Marvel’s Eternals. I would add more, but anything I say would detract from whatever just happened.