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Welcome to Radio Irregardless with Mark Scalia - Your nonstandard blend of irrespective & regardless To leave a question or comment for Radio Irregardless email radioirregardless@gmail.com or call (978) 219-9294

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S09:E06 (ep251) Getting ready to/for March
S09:E06 (ep251) Getting ready to/for MarchS09:E05 (ep250) It’s 2022 & I’m back!S09:E04 (ep249) Oh no, we’re Scrooged!S09:E03 (ep248) Give Thanks and Get StuffedS09:E02 (ep247) Halloween... already & finally!S09:E01 (ep246) time to get crazy with Luke LynndaleS08:E22 (ep245) Angela the Comic makes my head spinS08:E21 (ep244) 50 shades with Mike GrayS08:E20 (ep243) welcome to Shea funnyS08:E19 (ep242) after May the 4th I’m SoloS08:E18 (ep241) May the 420 be with youS08:E17 (ep240) hey Peter, how do you Liu?S08:E16 (ep239) St. Patty’s with Jimmy MacS08:E15 (ep238) with Joel, you’re in-Klein to laughS08:E14 (ep237) acting & writing - a double treatS08:E13 (ep236) and now, Barak to the laughsS08:E12 (ep235) at least 6 more weeks of laughter with Meg PatenaudeS08:E11 (ep234) Three comics on a show equals - mé·nage à HAS08:E10 (ep233) One last hurray for 2020S08:E09 (ep232) Scrooge is back and he’s a Dicken’s