Do God's people really have to restore?

Wildfire podcast

Jan 5 2024 • 34 mins

Restoration? What actually is this? Do christians have to do it, if you look at church history you would think that we probably don't need to, if you looked at your church maybe you would conclude its not important and if you looked at your own life, it is a signpost that reads "restoration is only done when it is convenient for the one restoring." Yet we would have to reject the good news of the gospel that teaches Jesus Christ restored everything back to himself on the cross! And so christians follow suit in emulating Jesus in restoring and when we restore we provide the greatest witness of what Jesus has done in our own lives.

Time Codes:

0:00 - Intro
6:47 - We have been given an opportunity
9:59 - What have we been instructed not to do
14:46 - Living offensive lives
16:36 - What we have been instructed to do
19:05 - How do we love as Jesus loved us?
31:11 - Conclusion

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