Do relationships need physical boundaries? Feat. Tierna Gill

Wildfire podcast

Nov 18 2022 • 42 mins

We live in a world in which the majority of people will get into a relationship! Pair that relationship with our desires, urges and sinful self? Problems arise and so boundaries become a necessity.

In this podcast we look at why we need boundaries? We look how boundaries are communicated? We we look at how purity is a heart posture? We address the shame that surrounds this topic and the specifics of what can be done and what can't be done, as well as what can be yes for some, but no for others.

Look out for a follow up blog on this topic!

Time Codes:

0:00 - Intro
2:28 - What does the Bible say about this?
3:26 - What is the prescriptive commands?
7:33 - What is descriptive?
9:09 - Why do you need boundaries?
11:51 - How do we communicate the boundaries?
14:27 - Purity is a heart posture?
17:18 - How close can we get to the line?
18:49 - What do we do with the shame that surrounds this topic?
21:47 - What is sexual immorality?
23:48 - Conscience and the specifics
25:02 - Conscience framework
26:23 - Accountability framework
28:36 - Summary
32:31 - What a relationship is and isn't
33:04 - Peace over passion
33:38 - What I can and can't do in a relationship?
35:13 - The nature of the kiss matters
38:05 - Entering the bomb zone
38:41 - My parents could see me doing this
40:13 - We are sinners and this is a conversation
41:14 - Conscience blog

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Over the limits

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