s02e03: 2021 Assessment Institute Recap

Leading Improvements in Higher Education with Stephen Hundley

Dec 19 2021 • 1 hr 16 mins

In this special episode, we provide a recap of the 2021 Assessment Institute, the oldest and largest U.S. higher education event focused on assessment and improvement.

Stephen Hundley and Caleb Keith provide an overview of the Assessment Institute, including some of the themes from this year’s program.  Christine Robinson and Karen Singer-Freeman share an update on the Grand Challenges in Assessment Project.  Jerry Daday, representing HIPs in the States, discusses the continued evolution of High Impact Practices.  Finally, we conclude with an excerpt from the Assessment Institute’s Plenary Keynote Panel featuring Jonathan Alger, President of James Madison University.

Listeners are invited to visit assessmentinstitute.iupui.edu to access the complimentary session recordings and other resources from our 2021 program, along with learning how to participate in future Assessment Institute events.

This season of Leading Improvements in Higher Education is sponsored by the Center for Assessment and Research Studies at James Madison University; learn more at jmu.edu/assessment.

Episode recorded:  December 2021.  Host:  Stephen Hundley.  Producers:  Chad Beckner, Caleb Keith, and Shirley Yorger.  Original music:  Caleb Keith.  This award-winning podcast is a service of the Assessment Institute in Indianapolis; learn more at assessmentinstitute.iupui.edu.

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