It's about nothing!

Nicholas Duck

It's about nothing! Well, even nothing is something. This podcast, hosted by Cameron Hawker and Dr Nicholas Duck looks at the psychology of work, politics, entertainment, and life.Cam Hawker is a Government and Politics specialist who runs his own consultancy Zephyr West.Dr Nicholas Duck is an Organisational Psychologist who runs an innovative consultancy called Opposite (www.opposite.com.au).

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It's about how to have the perfect day
It's about how to have the perfect dayIt's about why we worry!It's about lockdowns!It's about complexity in the workplaceIt's about toxic workplace culturesIt's about investing!It's about romantic relationships in the workplaceIt's about the future of workIt's about the exciting possibilities of 2021!It's about the crazy year of 2020!It's about life as a baker, security guard, and locksmith (not a butcher or candlestick maker)It's about what motivates you to get in shapeIt's about why things never changeIt's about why we blame peopleIt's about lockdowns causing mental health issuesIt's about the qualities of great leadersIt's about aged care and deathIt's about predicting the future