The Real Estate Crowdfunding Show

Dr. Adam Gower

Hosted by the energetic, 30+ year real estate investment and finance pro, Adam Gower Ph.D., and produced by, this entertaining and informative podcast covers the world of commercial real estate syndications AKA 'crowdfunding.' The show is for both full-time, professional real estate sponsors who are raising capital, and for passive investors wanting to learn more about real estate investing. Each episode provides listeners with actionable insights into best practices for investing in and raising money for real estate syndications. There is no idle chit-chat in this show, just straight up, 'how is it done best' interviews with some of the top pros in the real estate and digital marketing worlds. Sign up to our newsletter at the website to get updates on the latest events in the real estate syndication world, learn what all the crowdfunding platforms are doing, and get notices whenever new podcast episodes and other events are released.