Psychotherapists Dr. Bobbe Sommer and Lori Lynn Mann

Relationslips discusses how to live through your spirit and with your ego. Without this carefully measured formula, relationships become relation-slips. Played out in live banter between two therapists who are forty years apart, the mentor and mentee laugh about the real-life moments in their lives where Ego took over, chat about marriage for fifty years by one and the online dating world of the other, and discuss news of the day through the perspective of two therapists analyzing the Ego/Spirit ratio in relationships made public by way of the media. Celebrity guests, your questions and comments, and weekly recaps comprise the show’s formula.brbr In collaboration with social media, Twitter talks and hashtags, you will have the chance to interact with your favorite celebrities and relate to them as our guests tell their fans about lessons they’ve learned, and how their fame plays a constant role in their daily lives. read less