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Anderson Cooper 360


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Our Editor's Take

This podcast is a treat for fans of the CNN show Anderson Cooper 360. The Anderson Cooper 360 podcast isn't a full recap of the show. Instead, it's more of a highlight reel. As the name suggests, it gives a 360-degree view of the news of the day. Listeners who love the show but can't always watch it will enjoy this quick-listen version. Packed with all the must-know information, this podcast keeps listeners informed and up-to-date. Though it's not as expansive as the nightly CNN show, it offers all the facts. Listeners will get critical highlights and top takeaways from the show in podcast format. That means it's an excellent pick for a morning commute or a daily update without the screen.

Like the show, the podcast features Cooper's no-nonsense reporting. This podcast offers unbiased takes on the latest news. Sometimes, two highlight podcasts show up on the same day. Just like the news of the day, this podcast update can be a little unpredictable. Episodes range from 40 minutes to over an hour. Every single one is a bit different.

Because it's a highlighted information type of format, every episode is stand-alone. That means listeners do not need to begin at the start of the series. If listeners want to listen chronologically, they can. But they should be aware they'll be hearing old news. For topical content, listeners should choose Anderson Cooper 360's most recent episodes.

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