Episode 36: How Sleep & Intimacy Go Hand in Hand


Apr 26 2021 • 20 mins

EP 36: How Sleep & Intimacy Go Hand in Hand

If you've been caught up in a cycle of sleepless nights, there's a drug-free way to get back on track: Make love more often.  In our Sleep your Way to success (episode 13) and Beauty Sleep (episode 10)  episode we gave a ton of tips on how to improve both your sleep quality and quantity.

Today we are discussing how intimacy can not only improve your sleep but is also an excellent way to connect better to yourself  and your partner (if you have one) both physically and psychologically.

Making love is an excellent way to transition yourself and turn your dial from the sympathetic nervous system (AKA GO MODE) to the parasympathetic nervous system (AS IN REST & DIGEST MODE) to get a deeper effective sleep.

No partner? No problem. Sex, or more specifically, orgasm, with or without a partner, produces hormones that play a role in helping you relax and fall asleep.


  • Why orgasm produces hormones and what they are
  • Why some hormones act as natural tranquilizers
  • How they also reduce Cortisol
  • How sleep can be enhanced
  • Why quality of life with the release of oxytocin
  • Why more sex promotes bonding that helps you feel emotionally stable and generally less stressed
  • Why more/better sleep can lead to more desire
  • Why more/better sleep can enhance erections
  • Why sleep conditions like snoring, coughing, insomnia, peri-menopause, Graves’s disease, CPAP are impacting relationships
  • Why more couples are choosing to sleep separately, but still retain intimacy
  • Why are sleep spaces are no longer sacred
  • How pets, co-sleeping, etc can impact sleep quality
  • What if you and your partner have different sleep times or routines
  • Why you shouldn’t go to bed angry

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