The Immigration Journey - Emigration | Redefining Identity | Belonging | Culture shock | Starting Over | Career Change

Diane V | Immigrant, Transitional Coach, Founder of the Immigration Journal

Have you recently moved to a new country but feel lost, misunderstood, or misplaced? Do you find yourself unable to fill the void in your heart - the longing for the things you left behind, and wonder how you could ever successfully rebuild your life and find contentment? Are you simply struggling to adjust, are tired of feeling sad, and desperate to find a supportive community to help you on your journey? If so, I want you to know that you are not alone! Hi I’m Diane V - Wife, Mom, Immigrant, and Podcast Host. Like you, I embarked on the journey of leaving the familiar, walking away from a successful career and comfortable life in my home country, and had to navigate the realities of restarting anew in another country, adjusting to climate, culture, and well... everything else in between! And I’m here to help YOU find healthy ways to process the thoughts, emotions and experiences that come with immigration, so that you can embrace the life you now have with positivity. In this podcast, I will share strategies and real-life stories that will help you move past the hard and find relief from your heaviness, so that you can rebuild your life with a fresh outlook, and find joy again. So grab your hot chocolate or iced coffee (whatever the season) – it’s time to dig deep into your heart and find the resolve to make the life you have now, one your future self will thank you for! Let’s do this! read less
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