The Filibuster by the DC Dems

DC Dems

On The Filibuster, DC Democratic Party Chair Charles Wilson interviews local and national leaders to discuss why they became Democrats and the issues they are fighting for today.

Episode 011: Fighting for underserved residents with Chairman Phil MendelsonEpisode 010: Discussing Baby Bonds with Councilmember Kenyan McDuffieEpisode 009: How the first black female Mayor of St. Louis is bringing big changes to her cityEpisode 008: Big ideas on education and housing with Councilmember Robert WhiteEpisode 007: Discussing expanding equality with Councilmember Brooke PintoEpisode 006: The fight for equality - DC and PR StatehoodEpisode 005: Talking DC Statehood with Rep. Jamie RaskinEpisode 004: Fighting to make DC green with Tommy WellsEpisode 003: Democrats going on the offense with special guest Tim KaineEpisode 002: The fight for voting rights with special guest Nikema WilliamsEpisode 001: Why Democrats need to get tough with special guest A. Scott Bolden