Trailer for #49 Rachel Power – What is Your Money Story?

Let’s Talk Money and More

Sep 12 2022 • 37 seconds

It’s the turn of another guest episode and I have another great guest for you. Rachel Power is the founder of Power your Potential. A business she's set up to help disillusioned professionals take back their power at work to have more ease, enjoyment and enrichment, not just in their careers, but in their lives.

Before establishing Power Your Potential, Rachel had a successful corporate career for 20 years as a Procurement Professional in various organisations. She played a lead role in numerous Global Transformation Projects but everything changed the day she was asked, and more importantly held accountable to answer "Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?", a question Rachel had managed to avoid her entire career.

This simple question became the catalyst to her own personal transformation project and led to her moving from the corporate world to being a business owner.

Key Takeaways

The more you see opportunities and role models, the more you see what you could do.

Everybody's got so much untapped potential. Nobody's reached it by the time they're 40. People have still got it. And by knowing your strengths, values and interests your confidence will grow.

Somebody's negative comment can actually be the gift we didn't realise it was. When we start reframing some of the things we see and hear to intentionally make them useful for us, they're no longer the weapon that that person might have initially intended them to be.

It's important to have to have a support network around you where you can collaborate, thrive and be part of a wider community. People are so open about their experience and so prepared to share how they have done certain things and provide words of warning about the things not to do.

Money is one of the greatest stress givers and the greatest stress relievers that is possible to have. But by knowing your Money Archetypes you’ll understand better what is going on for you and then you can take the intentional action you want to take to improve and transform your relationship with money.

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