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The Electric Vehicle Vortex...It's Electrifying!
Jan 17 2022
The Electric Vehicle Vortex...It's Electrifying!
Why this episode is not automaticIt's not systematicIt's not hydromaticWhy it's electric vehicle talk on MST!Forget the overhead lifters and the four barrel quadsOh no(Stop talking whoa stop talking)No more fuel injection cutoff and no chrome plated rods oh no(I'll spend the money I'll kill to spend the money)With a charger on the floor we'll be waiting at the doorYou know that's some sh*t no one wants to give us t*tThere's no Grease LightningNo, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, noNo grease lightning burning up the quarter mile(Grease lightning no grease lightning)No grease lightning won't be coasting through the heat lap trial(Grease lightning no grease lightning)You're not supreme, no chicks'll cream for grease lightningNo, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no---Oh yeah, you know what that somewhat familiar song means... it's finally time for an episode dedicated to electric vehicle talk! Jack has invested a lot of time and money into this stuff, and we can't wait for him to regale us with tales of all the vehicles soon to be delivered to his southernmost castle.Also, a programming note, bits and fun time have officially been outlawed from episodes in 2022. We've vowed to produce a more serious show, and need your help to keep things on track. If you suspect any bits or fun being had, please alert us immediately via Twitter, we're @MSTomahawks.Finally, we have two amazing bands who break up the voices with their dulcet tones:TORIN! - ONE MORE HIGHBROTHER SNARE - ROOM TO BREATHEAnd as always, thanks to the great Tony Ferraro for our original intro and outro music.------To check out past episodes, head over to us throughout the week in our fun Facebook Group.Give us a shout on Twitter.We love you,Jack & Dan