The Thing That Makes Jack's Pocket Change Jingle (Baseball. It's baseball)

Men Seeking Tomahawks

Jun 13 2022 • 54 mins

"YOU SEE A CREAMPUFF IN A DIFFERENT COLORED JERSEY? YA PUNCH EM! OTHER TEAM BRINGS A MARCHING BAND? YA PUNCH EM! YOU SEE THE OTHER TEAM’S MASCOT? PUNCH EM!" - JOE D’LAURA-PALMER It's been a minute, but only because things are heating up this summer for the boys who seek the hawks of a tom. In this return from break, Jack regales us with tales of his sporting quests, and brings up some fun sports hypotheticals that could bring joy back to a joyless game. The show ends with a visit from a legend! Thanks to Dan's inability to quit spending money online, the MST Studio is visited by Joe D'Laura-Palmer, All-American College Quarterback. On top of all that, we have two amazing bands who break up the voices with their dulcet tones: (SPRINGWORKS - POCKET THEORY) (AUDFO - SOULS) And as always, thanks to the great (Tony Ferraro) for our original intro and outro music. ------ To check out past episodes, head over to ( Join us throughout the week in our fun (Facebook Group). Give us a shout on (Twitter). We love you, Jack & Dan