A Boy and His Hog - Jack's Getting an Electric Motorcycle

Men Seeking Tomahawks

Jul 25 2022 • 57 mins

"PROBABLY WHAT I LIKE BEST ABOUT HOGS IS THE FREEDOM. YOU KNOW, YOU BUY A LOT LESS GAS WITH A HOG. AND, UNLIKE AN AUTOMOBILE, SOMETIMES A HOG WILL HELP YOU FIND TRUFFLES!" - GRUFF JULEP If you've ever mounted a big boy and felt the rumble between your legs, you're Jack. If you've never experienced the sensation but are intrigued, you're Dan. That is essentially the theme of today's episode. Jack's got an adventure, and the ending is yet-to-be-determined, but that doesn't stop him from bringing us the story of his quest to become a world-famous electric motorcycle racer... our at least a licensed motorcycle drive. And if you thought that was all, you'd be dead wrong. Because hog-enthusiast Gruff Julep finds his way into the studio while looking for a restroom, and hilarity ensues. On top of all that, we have two amazing bands who break up the voices with their dulcet tones: https://soundcloud.com/nano_pax/trembling-mind-festival-hybrid-techno-set-060622-lichtenfels-germany?utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing (NANO PAX - LIVE AT TREMBLING MIND FESTIVAL) https://soundcloud.com/billy-motherboard/coconut (BILLY MOTHERBOARD - COCONUT) And as always, thanks to the great https://open.spotify.com/artist/0KVzdmWKh8XMlqEhakfayB?autoplay=true (Tony Ferraro) for our original intro and outro music. ------ To check out past episodes, head over to https://www.menseekingtomahawks.com/ (MenSeekingTomahawks.com). Join us throughout the week in our fun https://www.facebook.com/groups/tomahawknation (Facebook Group). Give us a shout on https://twitter.com/mstomahawks (Twitter). We love you, Jack & Dan