How to Reach a City: Invitation and Challenge

Missio Church - Bismarck

Jan 15 2023 • 33 mins

Verses Used:

  • Matthew 11:28 (invitation)
  • Luke 1:16 (invitation)
  • John 7:37 (invitation)
  • Luke 9:60 (challenge)
  • Mark 9:37 (challenge)
  • Matthew 16:24 (challenge)
  • Matthew 4:19 (both)
  • Mark 1:15 (both)
  • Matthew 16:15-23
  • Ephesians 5:22-24
  • Colossians 3:21
  • Ephesians 6:4


  • Josh mentioned last week that: We can’t reach people who don’t know Jesus if we don’t know people who don’t know Jesus.
  • Invitation refers to an attitude that says, “I’m glad you’re here, I’m committed to you and will welcome you no matter what.”
  • Challenge refers to an attitude that says, “I want you to grow, I’m committed to holding you accountable to change for the better.”
  • Notice that in Jesus ministry, invitation generally precedes challenge.
  • Life transformation begins with invitation, but continues with challenge.
  • People are used to experiencing cultures that are either highly invitational or highly challenging, typically they don’t ever experience them together.
  • The Kingdom of God expands at the speed of relationships, and the gospel moves along the lines of trust.