How to Wake Up Spiritually

The Skeptic Metaphysicians - Metaphysics 101

May 11 2022 • 38 mins

You've heard that more and more people are "waking up" from the dream reality they've been living in and realizing that we are so much more than just this three-dimensional body that we inhabit.  But if you haven't yet gotten your wake up call, how can you jump start the process? This week's guest can help you get there, thanks to her "Wake Up with KC" program.5/11/2022The Skeptic MetaphysicianHow to Wake Up Spiritually"It's like somebody's taking a taser gun to me and just turning the volume up based on the frequency and the vibrations that I deal with, with these beings. Some of them are celestial angelic, highly evolved, like extra terrestrial and then ancient."Some topic covered:- What its like to be an empath- What emotional, energetic traumas are and how they affect us- How genetic wounds are passed down from generation to generation- Why some traumas aren't cleared with a past life regression- The key to stopping self-sabotage- How to wake up spiritually- The power behind seeing number groups- How numbers can affect your life- The power of living through trauma- How to break out of traumatic patterns- How to wake up to new thoughts and new concepts-  Why we really aren't who we think we are- The place where all Truth liesAnd lots more!About our Guest:Kimberley Chapman is an Emotional Intuitive Transmedium Life Transformational Coach. Her mission and purpose is to awaken, educate, evolve, and transform human beings to be their best self and live their best life now. She discusses the misconceptions of who we are and how limited beliefs, mental programming, and even emotional energetic traumas hinder us from being our true authentic selves and living our best life now.  Guest Info:Website: https://www.wakeupwithkc.comInstagram: the show? We'd love to hear your thoughts!Please rate/review the show here: Metaphysician Info:Website: skepticmetaphysician.comFacebook: @TheSkepticMetaphysicianIG: SkepticMetaphysician_PodcastTik Tok: