Spirit Babies - Communicating with the Souls of the Unborn

The Skeptic Metaphysicians - Metaphysics 101

Jun 8 2022 • 46 mins

When you think of psychic medium and channels, more than likely what comes to mind is the speaking to those that have passed form our realm to the other side. But what if you could reach out and communicate with the spirits of unborn children? That's what this week's guest is all about!6/8/2022The Skeptic MetaphysicianSpirit Babies - Communicating with the Souls of the Unborn"As a spirit baby medium, I'm not trying to ease their pain. I'm trying to offer them truth about what's coming through from the other side."-- Dr. Maria RothenburgerSome topics covered:- How do spirit babies communicate when they can't yet speak?- Why channel spirit babies and not adults?- The difference in messaging from unborn souls and those whose life ended prematurely- Do lost babies come back in another pregnancy?- How terminated pregnancy babies feel about the actions of their parents- How past life regression therapy connects with spirit babiesAbout our Guest:Maria T Rothenburger, PhD is a professional counselor, fertility coach, and spirit baby communicator who helps people go from harried, overwhelmed, and obsessed with fertility to peaceful, hopeful, and connected to their greater purpose.  She is the author of the #1 bestselling book, Transcending Infertility: 9 Keys for Improving Fertility, Creating Miracles, and Being a Better Human. She is the host of the Miracles Happen Fertility Podcast. She has been a therapist for 16 years and "came out" in 2020 as a psychic medium, specializing in spirit baby communication.Resources Mentioned in the Episode:Lisa Williams - Psychic MediumSpirit Babies: How to Communicate with the Child You're Meant to Have - Walter MakichenGuest Info:Website: https://www.drmariarothenburger.comInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/drmarialpcFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/drmariarothenburgerLike the show? We'd love to hear your thoughts!Please rate/review the show here:https://lovethepodcast.com/SkepticMetaphysiciansSkeptic Metaphysician Info:Website: skepticmetaphysician.comFacebook: @TheSkepticMetaphysicianIG: SkepticMetaphysician_PodcastMerch: https://www.skepticmetaphysician.com/store