“And I’m still not your attorney.” Focused on education, empowerment and entertainment, POPLAW is the podcast where pop culture, business, entertainment and law intersect. Attorney and creative storyteller Desiree Talley explores cultural hot topics from a legal perspective through provocative conversations with industry executives such as Athlete, Investor and Entrepreneur, Baron Davis; Attorney, Banker and Investor, Ashley D. Bell and influential artists such as Music Producer, Larrance “Rance” Dopson and Music Director, Adam Blackstone on real-life legal issues. Desiree and her guests dive into contract disputes, contract negotiations, copyright and trademark infringement, defamation suits, NDAs and best practices for negotiation tools and key contract provisions. Not to be confused as legal advice, the answer to your legal woes just may lie in episodes of POPLAW. read less

Our Editor's Take

POPLAW is a podcast about legal happenings in popular black culture. Attorney and industry insider Desiree L. Talley hosts the show. Cohost Tyrone Ross Jr. provides social commentary and honest opinions. The two cross-examine pop culture legal moves without legalese. They inform listeners how the law works in the entertainment industry and beyond. "People should understand that law and entertainment are one and the same," the host says.

Talley is as much a gifted storyteller as she is a talented attorney. Patent rights, trademark law, and copyright legal issues are common in pop culture. POPLAW fills that niche and satisfies listener curiosity. Episodes inform with as much cultural intelligence as they do legal expertise. Talley says she is a lawyer who dissects media moves and their legal aspects. If a celebrity faces legal trouble, Talley analyzes the situation. She has spent her career in the courtroom as well as advising clients. That experience fuels each episode.

After years as an attorney for Bustle, Viacom, Pandora, Turner, and more, the POPLAW host knows her stuff. She's currently the president of legal at Revolt Media & TV. Her experiences showed her how vulnerable black creatives were. Talley sought a way to help them protect themselves and their work. Hence, the podcast was born.

Talley explores infringement claims, contract lawsuits, and more on the show. Her first episode explored RICO lawsuits against rappers. She examined the difference between lyrics that incite violence and art reflecting reality. Talley's advice promoted freedom of expression. It also answered many questions about what rappers, and the law, can and can't do.

Other episodes discuss not just entertainment but other issues, too. An episode explores the legal aspects of black-owned banks. Talley sits down with a thought leader to discuss the organization Black Girls Who Write. Former NBA star Baron Davis explains tips to building black wealth. POPLAW episodes air weekly and run 30 to 60 minutes long.

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