The Renee Richards Show popular host Medium Renee Richards - Rebroadcast

The Renee Richards Show

Feb 8 2019 • 1 hr 1 min

This is a rebroadcast of last mondays show join me on Fridays at 3 mountain time for live shows join me on facebook: I see names, and letters, and numbers, I see them on the wall, on the floor, and on people’s faces as I am reading them.  The letters or words form on their skin.  I also hear spirit, I would compare this to learning a new language, like seeing and hearing and putting it all together to get what the spirit is saying.  Readings do not have to be in person, they can also be on the phone, or skype, facetime, zoom.  The information comes through in so many creative ways. I work from the heart, I am also a vegetarian, and a avid animal lover.