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All Value, High Energy and Proven Info for those who want better results from their Virtual & Live Trade Shows, Conferences, Expos and Webinars. It's time to get excited about Trade Shows and get what you need to Crush Your Show Goals. Developed and hosted by trade show veteran Jim Cermak, Trade Show University brings proven information from Jim’s 30+ years in marketing and training, plus his experience planning and exhibiting at 100’s of trade shows, events, expos, conferences and more. The podcast will also feature interviews with industry experts to discuss topics geared to help companies really get better results. “I get a little overly excited talking about trade shows because I know how much time, money, energy and resources go into planning and exhibiting. In most cases it really doesn’t take any more effort to do the right things and get better results,” claims Jim Cermak. “I started this podcast because I want companies to stop setting for average or below average results. I want companies to win and get excited about trade shows again!” Trade Show University is geared toward small- to medium-sized businesses in a B2B setting. However businesses of all sizes, including those marketing to consumers can benefit and find value. Each episode focuses on a specific topic pertinent to trade show exhibitors, and is about 20 minutes long. Many episodes will have Jim bringing his energy while discussing a specific topic, and others will feature industry experts who will share their knowledge and expertise. It’s the quick, high-energy, value-packed approach that is different and makes this podcast a resource professionals will appreciate. To listen to podcast episodes, get information and free tools, and to sign up for email updates, go to www.TradeShowU.biz. Trade Show University will also be featured on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and other podcast outlets.
Ep 133 - Post-Pandemic Events on a Budget - with Maggie Ellison
A question facing every event organizer, sponsor and exhibitor is what will trade shows and events look like post-pandemic? And will we be able to survive all the new protocols within our budget? Today we discuss these topics with industry veteran Maggie Ellison! Maggie Ellison is the Vice President at Creative Marketing Strategies, an experiential engagement agency that has been providing marketing solutions for 40 years. Her previous positions with the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium and Cedar Fair Entertainment were excellent precursors to her role overseeing sponsorship implementation for the Ohio State Fair and the Jazz & Rib Fest and leading creative strategy for hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies. We discuss... How have events changed since the start of the pandemic? What types of events will be successful in a post-pandemic world? How did the pandemic impact event marketing budgets? And more! Maggie's top Take-Aways... Face-to-face, despite a 2-year hiatus from it, is not going away. Creative strategies and unique and memorable connections with audiences will continue to be important marketing strategies for event marketers. Request a "Peace of Mind" Candle at no cost: Visit: http://www.eventmarketingstrategies.com/peaceofmind/ (http://www.eventmarketingstrategies.com/peaceofmind/) Connect with Maggie Ellison: www.eventmarketingstrategies.com mellison@eventmarketingstrategies.com Twitter - @marketingmaggs Instagram - maggieellison24 ---------------------------------- You Set your Goals - Now get 9 Tips to Hit Them in 2022! Listen to Episode 130 of Trade Show University! https://tradeshowu.biz/episodes/ep-130-9-tips-to-help-you-hit-your-goals-in-2022/ (CLICK HERE TO LISTEN) ---------------------------------- Get the BEST Results at your Trade Shows this Year! Visit tradeshowu.biz/roadmap
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23 mins
Ep 132 - Meetings Mayhem! Behind the Scenes of Successful Events with Terry Matthews-Lombardo
At our Trade Shows, Meetings and Events, there are times when things go wrong. VERY wrong! What can seem like Mayhem at the time can turn out to be an innovative success! Proud to have joining the Trade Show University podcast Terry Matthews-Lombardo, author of the new book Meetings Mayhem - Behind the Scenes of Successful Meetings & Events. Terry is a veteran professional meeting planner with an alter ego of an industry travel writer. As a working planner, her clients include association, corporate and incentive programs of all shapes and sizes, and as a writer I maintain an entertaining industry-focused blog where I muse about lifestyles, travel, and detours. Terry takes us into her recently published book, Meetings Mayhem!, which is a humorous but factual look at the serious business of making meetings and events happen. Terry's Top Tips: In this industry, flexibility is key to survival Always have a second act Stay sincere and active in your own network and keep expanding it to new levels You are the author of your own script in life Terry's Top Takeaways from the Episode: Stay open to new opportunities but stay grounded in your roots It's not the mountains that we conquer but ourselves [Sir Edmund Hillary] Cut yourself some slack as you have to remember that 100 years from now, All. New. People. Grab Your Copy of Meetings Mayhem! Amazon https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/meetings-mayhem-terry-matthews-lombardo/1140009154 (Barnes & Noble) How to Connect with Terry Matthews Lombardo: www.terrysworldtravels.com Email: tml@cfl.rr.com LinkedIn - terrymatthewslombardo FB/twitter/Insta @tmlwrites Get a FREE Tips Guide when you Sign up for the Trade Show U Newsletter! Visit tradeshowu.biz and sign up on the home page!
Jan 17 2022
36 mins
Ep 131 - Maximize Exhibitor ROI using Real Time Data with Jon KazarianEp 130 - 9 Tips to help You Hit Your Goals in 2022Ep 129 - Top Tips for Attendees at Trade Shows - with M. Kevin Davis
Is there a way Attendees of Trade Shows, Conferences and Expos can get better results and ROI than others? YES!! And even if you are an exhibitor, at some point you may leave your booth and walk the show - at this point YOU are an ATTENDEE!! Hear this special replay of the interview with Jim Cermak, the host of Trade Show University podcast joins M. Kevin Davis on the Quick Lube Expert podcast! We discuss tips, tricks and strategies to get the most out of every single show you attend! Here are the show notes from the original episode... ---------------- James Cermak, host of the Trade Show University Podcast, joins M. Kevin Davis to discuss what you should do to prepare for a trade show or convention like iFLEX, as well as tips to help you make the most of the limited amount of time you have. Listen and subscribe to the Trade Show University podcast on your favorite podcast platform, or visit http://www.tradeshowu.biz/ (www.tradeshowu.biz). Check out his free “Show Success Road Map” to help you double the results at your next show by visiting: http://tradeshowu.biz/roadmap (tradeshowu.biz/roadmap) Connect with James Cermak on LinkedIn by visiting:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/jimcermak/ (https://www.linkedin.com/in/jimcermak/) ----- To learn more about how Quick Lube Expert can help you, visit: http://www.quicklubeexpert.com/ (www.quicklubeexpert.com) To learn more about what M. Kevin Davis has to offer, visit: http://www.mkevindavis.com/ (www.mkevindavis.com) ------------ Get a professional review of your exhibit BEFORE your next show! 100% satisfaction guarantee! Send an email to jim@tradeshowu.biz
Dec 27 2021
36 mins
Ep 128 - Designing Memorable Trade Show Displays - with Tracey Piechocki
Dec 20 2021
34 mins
Ep 127 - Build Relationships with Food & Wine Experiences with Michael GreenEp 126 - Hybrid Events & Creating Event Communities with Mia Masson of Swapcard
One question for exhibitors and show organizers alike is how do I effectively execute a Hybrid event. To help answer this question, I have on Mia Masson, the Content Director at Swapcard, an all-in-one virtual & hybrid event and community platform. Mia lives in Paris and has 4 years of experience in planning and writing about events. She loves to create content and build communities! Mia spends time reading, listening to podcasts and donating to charity organizations in her native South Africa. We not only discuss hybrid events, but also how and why to build communities - taking event audiences and turn them into year-round communities that engage online 365 days a year and how this hybrid business model can help event brands grow their reach and boost ROI. We discuss... 1. What's the buzz about hybrid events? Should everyone be jumping on the bandwagon? 2. What's the benefit in embracing a 365-day community model instead of just sticking to the old model of once-a-year meetups and events? 3. Is technology in events a nice-to-have or is it becoming indispensable? 4. Tips for sponsors/exhibitors/sellers to boost their sales at online events and in online communities Mia's Top Tips: 1. Your event needs an all-in-one technology platform that acts like a partner instead of a supplier 2. You need to extend the lifecycle of the event - keep the platform open for months before and after the event to boost networking 3. Times are still uncertain, so have a plan B and a plan C ready - and always include a technology aspect Mia's Top Takeaways: Extending the lifecycle of your event until it turns into a year-round community is the future of events. Without a virtual element to your events, you'll lose business because times are so uncertain that virtual is the only real constant. Connect with Mia Masson: LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/mia-masson Email: mia@swapcard.com Twitter: @miamasson1
Dec 6 2021
24 mins
Ep 125 - Converting Leads from Events thru your Website - with Toccara Karizma
How many businesses are effectively driving trade show attendees - whether in-person or virtual - to their website? Not many! And if you do, how do you maximize the conversion of leads through your site? Proud to have on the mic with me Toccara Karizma - a digital marketing consultant and business growth strategist to some of the world's top eCommerce brands. She is the CEO of Karizma Marketing, Hawaii's top full-service digital marketing agency dedicated to growing elite eCommerce brands online. In this episode we are going to dive into the topic of Website Conversion Rate Optimization. We discuss: What is Website Conversion Rate Optimization and why is it so important? Some top tips to increase website conversions Benchmark conversion rates website owners should be shooting for Toccara's top tips: 1) Adding a popup form that offers value for lead gen 2) Adding a clickable phone number 3) Live chat support 4) Website Speed 5) Mobile-optimized website 6) Quick, easy checkout and payment process 7) Test Free Shipping if you can 8) Trust Badges, Industry Certifications, and Similar 9) Reviews 10) Google My Business 11) Adding a Search Bar 12) Professional Photos and Videos that clearly show location, office, product, and similar 13) Product Demo videos (if needed) 14) "As Seen On" 15) UGC if appropriate 16) Scarcity Offers 17) Simplify choices (for service-based businesses) 18) Research large competitor's websites and what they are doing Toccara's Big Takeaways from this episode: Make a commitment to implement at least 2 of the strategies we discuss. They are all designed to be actionable and tactile so your listeners can easily take action on what we discuss. Don't dump money into expensive ads before making sure your website is setup to convert. Otherwise you will just waste a bunch of money. Make sure any ad agency you work with is asking you about your website conversion rates, average order value, current lead gen strategy, and similar. Special Referral Offer: If you know someone who may be a good fit for our agency services. You get $1,000 for providing the referral and they get $1,000 off their first month of services. You can learn more at https://www.karizmamarketing.com/refer-a-friend/ (https://www.karizmamarketing.com/refer-a-friend/) Contact Toccara Karizma: I am Toccara Karizma everywhere (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, and LinkedIn). Access free marketing content, tips, and trainings at www.toccarakarizma.com Support Trade Show University! If you have gotten value from any episodes of Trade Show University, please make a small donation so we can keep the value coming! https://my.captivate.fm/buymeacoffee.com/tradeshowu (Visit Buy Me a Coffee @ buymeacoffee.com/tradeshowu)
Nov 29 2021
32 mins
Ep 124 - Thank You's to the Trade Show Industry & a Request
Hi to all my friends in the trade show industry, all the businesses that exhibit at and sponsored trade shows that any person just wide to learn more about these incredible events we call trade show. I suppose conferences and more. I want to welcome you all to a very special Thanksgiving episode of Trade Show University. Very short episode today. I'm Jim Cermak and in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I just wanted to send out some quick thank you's. But I'm the first I'm going to start off with a request. My request to you is this, I want you to take time today to say thank you to someone who maybe you haven't talked with in a while. It could be a friend, family member, somebody who impacted you in some way in your life. Maybe they're a good friend. Maybe you admire their work ethic. Maybe. Teacher who made a strong impact on your life? Whoever it could be. Take time to think about something you're thankful for and who it is as responsible for that. It could be something big can be something little, but something impactful might be something that happened yesterday, or maybe, maybe several years. Okay. Now, once you figure out that person and that thing that impacted you, pick up the phone, call that person, or maybe go visit them, leave them a voicemail, send them a text, do something to contact that person. You will never know how you can make someone's day by just reaching out and making a difference. So be sure to do that. That's my request to you. And I hope that you will take me up on that request. Now I want to send a few quick thank yous in the spirit of Thanksgiving. First of all, I have to thank the almighty God for creating me in love. And I wanted to say thank you to Jesus Christ, his son for saving me and the holy spirit for guiding my path every single day. I need to thank My beautiful bride, Mary Ann for believing in me and my dream, supporting me and supporting this podcast every step of the way. She's just amazing. For my kids, Jake and Brittany, and my son-in-law Bryan for their constant love and support. Thank you guys. I always look forward to our family mastermind sessions together where we, we talk business and just get to catch up as a family. For The trade shows the events, the expos virtual live and hybrid. Thank you for your excitement, your endless opportunities, which initially drew me in and made me such a huge fan. And for your perseverance during this past year, it has been a struggle for the industry, but coming back strong and together, we will emerge stronger. I am so hopeful for that. For all of my guests who invested the time to be part of Trade Show University, while sharing their insights, their tips, their expert advice to help all of us have better shows, stronger businesses. I thank you each and every one of you and for those listening and maybe new listeners go back and check out the amazing library of interviews that we have as I've, I'm just so blessed to have a hat on so many amazing guests, so many amazing. And lastly, but most importantly, I want to thank all of you, my listeners, the trade show professionals. And I like to call you the trade show warriors, the people that battle every day to have an amazing event, they made you make this all worthwhile. I appreciate the questions, the suggestions, the comments that you email in the ratings and reviews you leave on apple podcasts, the comments and likes on social. All means the world to me and why I do it to help make your world better, to help you make your shows better. And of course, a better ROI. So I thank you each and every one of you really from the bottom of my heart, I'm so grateful. So here is wishing you all a blessing, joyous and healthy holiday season for you and your loved ones. And of course, enjoy Thanksgiving and. I hope you all have an opportunity to feast today, keep listening in because we have so many more fantastic episodes coming up, which I just cannot wait to share with you. And one...
Nov 25 2021
4 mins
Ep 123 - From Broadway to Event Host & Emcee - with Wendee Lee CurtisEp 122 - Maximize Exhibitor Reach with Virtual Platforms - Erica Bishaf of Campfire Social
In today's ever changing event world, it's critical to figure out new ways for exhibitors to reach their target audience. To give tips and advice is Erica Bishaf - the Founder & CEO of CampfireSocial, the first-of-its-kind private social network and commerce platform designed for trade verticals. Erica is a 20+ year award winning strategy & insights veteran who has worked for consumer packaged goods companies such as Kraft, Nestle, Kimberly-Clark, & MillerCoors and through her consulting business she worked on strategy projects for associations & event organizers including Freeman, GES, the American Library Association, the Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association (AVIXA), the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), the National Retail Federation (NRF), and more. In this episode we discuss: Generating leads through virtual platforms such as communities, marketplaces, and virtual events How exhibitors can maximize their reach when on a virtual platform Tactics to deploy on communities vs. marketplaces vs. virtual events Erica's Top Takeaways: Content marketing and relationship building tactics will produce more leads and stickier customers. The modern digital audience is more receptive to slow and steady - building relationships over time. Digital platform marketing requires strategy and exhibitors/sponsors should be dedicating the time to formulating in order to maximize their investment Exhibitors should not accept low ROI from their show organizers and should speak up asking for better tools and more support. Contact Erica Bishaf: Email: erica.bishaf@campfiresocial.io Website: https://www.campfiresocial.io/ Phone: 312.350.5270 Don't Miss an Episode!! Subscribe to Trade Show University at your favorite podcast platform like Apple, Google, Spotify, Stitcher, Amazon, Gaana and more! Get Top 52 Trade Show Tips - go to tradeshowu.biz
Nov 15 2021
26 mins
Ep 121 - Sustainability in Event Planning with Joanna Berens
We are discussing Making a Difference at your events today so we can impact events and the environment long term! Proud to discuss Sustainability in Event Planning with Joanna Berens of Joanna Berens Hospitality, and the President, of the Sustainable Events Network, Florida & Caribbean. Joanna's hospitality and event career spans more than thirty years, working in the DC, New York and Miami markets. After 13 years with Starwood Hotels, Joanna opened her own third-party site selection and logistics company, Joanna Berens Hospitality, Inc. in 2006. Her passion for food waste began in 2016 when she tried to donate leftover food from a conference which lead her to become Zero Food Waste Chair. Topics discussed in this episode include: The low-hanging fruit to implement sustainability practices into one's event What is food rescue and zero food waste? What are other sustainability initiatives that can be implemented into event or trade show management? What are the UN Sustainable Development Goals? How does an event planner or vendor get started in implementing sustainability practices? Joanna's Top Takeaways: Sustainability practices in event management are necessary to keep OUR industry sustainable! Taking steps towards sustainability need not take alot of time; just get started - the rest will follow. Consider joining SENFC and getting involved! www.senfc.org Contact Joanna Berens: LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/joannaberens/ (https://www.linkedin.com/in/joannaberens/) Email: senfcmgt@gmail.com
Nov 8 2021
24 mins
Ep 120 - Priming Your Audience for Your Message using Play - with Paul Miller & Dawn Daria
It's one thing to be branding your business, but if you want effectiveness you have to make sure your audience is ready to take in your message and branding. One powerful method to prime your audience is through Play. Nobody knows play better than the duo behind Energizing Events - Paul Miller, national touring comedy juggler, and Dawn Daria, award winning author and educator, promote play with a purpose. Whether the goal is mindfulness & wellbeing, an energized audience, or a supercharged sales presentation, their Flop Balls and Floposophy are an ideal tool for engaging and enriching. Topics we cover during this episode are: Create a playful experience for audiences to prime them for your pitch/message Why is play important? Does it work for all audiences? How can games and contests be used to bring people back to your booth? Paul & Daria's Top Tips: Model and create space for it - if you’re not willing to be vulnerable, authentic, and in the moment - your participants won’t be Connect the experience to key selling points/call to action - otherwise your creating good energy and buzz around your booth which they may remember, but it won’t lead to sales Keep your own energy fresh in order to be able to do all of the above - get sleep, eat well, stay hydrated The top takeaways: 1. Play reduces barriers and opens people up to authentic, emotional connection. 2. We learn by doing - not just listening; how can you engage people in an experience at your booth? How to Connect with Dawn and Paul: www.EnergizingEvents.com dawn@energizingevents.com Dawn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dawndaria/ Paul: https://www.linkedin.com/in/justpaul/
Nov 1 2021
25 mins
Ep 119 - Power of Digital Acceleration for Your Business - with TechMatchEp 118 - 5 Trade Show Tips NOBODY Will Tell You!
Here's 5 super effective Trade Show Tips that NOBODY is talking about! Some may even ruffle some feathers! Let's get to them, but first... Be sure to register for the weekly Trade Show University newsletter - go to tradeshowu.biz to sign up! Also - please leave a Rating and Review on Apple Podcasts! #1 -- Get the attention of people who are not looking at you We don’t want to bug people, especially if they’re looking away right? You need to change that mindset!  Why are you as an exhibitor at the show?  To get business! Why do you think the attendees are at the show?  If it’s a B2B show, they are there to do business!  How many times do you think people will walk past your booth?  You don’t know!!  Assume it’s ONE – one time only. What if I told you at this show, your biggest customer ever will be there – you just haven’t met them yet.  But it’s up to you to find them. Just say “Excuse me” to get their attention, and then ask them a quick qualifying question.  That could be your next client or even your biggest client ever!  And if you let them walk by, you may miss them – or even worse, your competitor may get them! #2 -- Don’t bring ALL your stuff or literature Keep your booth simple and clean.  You don’t need samples of all your products or literature. The more options and things you give people to look at they’ll get confused. Studies have shown that too many choices cause confusion and lead to a higher percent of people not making a choice. Plus your staff will be more focused as well.  They will be able to find what they need and answer questions more quickly. #3 -- Your booth and everything in it is a crutch Don’t get me wrong – having a great looking booth and wonderfully designed literature and giveaways are fantastic to have.  But they are just gravy on the biscuit like my good friend Jamie Smith from Atlanta says. But let me ask you – how many awesome looking booths do you see at some of the big shows?  A lot!  And how many do you stop at because they have an amazing booth?  Probably not too many. What if like in tip #1, someone isn’t looking at your booth when they’re walking by?  Or maybe they take a glance and decide they don’t want to stop?  Don’t let them decide based on a split-second of information!  They may be passing by the one booth they need to stop at! Here’s the bottom line – YOU and your staff will be the determining factor of whether or not your show is a success.  That’s why I say your booth and everything in it is a crutch.  Engaging with people is the key! #4 -- Take a selfie with attendees Want more exposure during and after the show?  Take a selfie with someone you just had a great conversation with that is qualified.  And put it on social media. Tag them and encourage them to share it as well!  Can get some great posts, new followers, and get a lot of shares! #5 -- Speed is your secret weapon Want more leads or demos or sales?  Go faster! It’s like the old sales adage – it’s all a numbers game. You’ll get more results if you do more. And the best way you can do more is to go faster. You just finished up a conversation with an attendee. Engage the very next person you see!  Put the power of speed to work!  Engage as many people as you can as fast as you can and you will be amazed at the results you can get! But be professional too!  Don’t be so aggressive that you turn people off!  Should feel natural.
Oct 18 2021
11 mins
Ep 117 - Gamification at Trade Shows for Sponsors & Exhibitors - with Adam HaeslerEp 116 - Prepping for a New Event World with Devin Cleary of BizzaboEp 115 - The 100 Percent Rule - Take Your Events to the Next Level
Introducing the 100% rule.  This is something that can have a huge impact on our Life and our Trade Shows.  If you can get your team, and yourself to follow the 100% rule, you will notice a huge improvement in your results.  I absolutely guarantee it! Okay – now let’s talk about the 100% Rule. This may be a bit controversial.  There is no such thing as a balanced life.  That is a false ideal. Anyone who has a newborn knows this.  They demand more of your time.  It’s just that simple. And how about when we have to travel to work a trade show?  Unless your spouse or partner comes with you, pretty hard to have balance when you’re out of town for a few days. In marriage, it’s not 50/50.  It’s 100/100.  Same in family.  We have always had the rule of no phones at the dinner table.  We’re here together, let’s talk. Let’s find out about each other’s day. Keep communication strong.  Be 100% in the moment there with each other. That’s why I call this the 100% rule.  In whatever you’re doing, be in 100%. For business, our jobs, and of course for Trade Shows you have to have the exact same mindset So how does the 100% rule play out in our trade shows, conferences and events? Know why you are there – to build relationships, get leads, write orders – hit your goals! Be there 100% while the show is going on Put your phone away Be active.  Engage with attendees. Go to the networking events, and really network Play full out!  When that show is over, it’s over.  The time for creating opportunities is over.  You can only follow up with the people you connected with.  If you don’t have a big list that lights you up, then that’s on you.  You don’t have the opportunity to go back and engage with the attendees who walked right by your booth.  You can’t meet that potential client at the networking event because you chose to skip it to go out for a night on the town. o   You want to maximize your results?  You want to double your leads?  You want to make more money?  Live by the 100% rule.  Be all in and take advantage of every opportunity you can! I hope this episode helped!  Let me know!  Drop me an email or a message on LinkedIn Connect with host Jim Cermak: Email: jim@tradeshowu.biz LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jimcermak/
Sep 27 2021
8 mins
Ep 114 - Creating Memorable Experiences with Lynn Edwards