Ep 117 - Gamification at Trade Shows for Sponsors & Exhibitors - with Adam Haesler

Trade Show University for Virtual & Live Events

Oct 11 2021 • 26 mins

In this episode we discuss how sponsors can use gamification to offer value and pre-qualify an attendee and sponsor match. After being fired in 2017, Adam Haesler knew he needed to find his core values, like a life compass, which helped him find events! His core values are potential, which means continuous improvement, and community, helping each other pursue a collective potential. Today, Adam is Chief Experience Officer for Engamio, a Gamification company. We also explore… What is gamification? What is the Zeigarnik Effect, and what does it have to do with gamification? How will gamification help me get more leads? A framework for using gamification to drive pre-qualified leads to sponsor landing pages And much more! Adam’s Top Tips: Know the outcome you want to accomplish and work your way backward to the gamification, not the other way around. Use gamification to provide value in the form of learning for attendees that they can use with or without your product or service. Wrap it all in a story to make it an experience! Make sure the outcome is directly related to the learning the attendee will experience in the gamification. How to Contact Adam Haesler and Engagio: Website:  engamio.com Email:  ah@engamio.com Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/engamio