CCSI-HAT Soil Health Podcast

Conservation Cropping Systems Initiative

Monthly podcast dedicated to soil health practices and systems. The podcast is produced through a partnership between the Conservation Cropping Systems Initiative ( and Hoosier Ag Today. It features farmers and other experts discussing a wide variety of practices: no-till, cover crops, nutrient/manure management, grazing.

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Our Editor's Take

Soil health is an essential part of thriving agriculture. The CCSI-HAT Soil Health Podcast shares information on new methods for maintaining healthy soil. Listeners hear from farmers working in the fields and agricultural scientists.

Hoosier Ag Today and Conservation Cropping Systems Initiative joined together to educate listeners. CCSI is "Farmer-focused" and "Farm-driven." It helps locals adopt crop systems that replenish the soil. HAT reports on agricultural news, including new Indiana and US policies.

Eric Pfeiffer hosts the podcast with the goal of reaching a broad audience. The experts provide information on Indiana cropland. Though they discuss Indiana, many practices still apply to farmers in other similar environments. Each month's episode reflects the needs and challenges of the season. During the fall, one guest discusses extreme weather and fall-emerged weeds. Growers hoping for happier crops may discover appropriate tips for their current needs.

Every season, the podcast hosts invite new guests. Conversationist Jerry Raynor joins for an episode. He discusses the economics of soil health with farmer Rodney Rulon. In the episode, Rulon says investing in soil health doesn't mean delayed gratification. He's seen results in the first or second year. The increased harvest sales pay for the "cover crop's right away. Rodney believes investing in soil is worth the price. The two also talk about financial resources for those willing to adopt new practices. These resources include no-till and "cover crops."

Another episode reports on the 2024 National No-Till Conference. The president of Lessiter Media Inc., Mike Lessiter, joins to discuss the conference. His father founded it in 1993. He and host Eric chat about the importance of farmer success. The new methods the conference suggests are only beneficial if they work for those who need them.

Podcast listeners hear about specialty crops, stewardship, field days, and more. Its expert guests provide the newest techniques. Local farmers then reveal how advances in soil health impact their methods and yield. New CCSI-HAT Soil Health Podcast episodes come out once a month.

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