Anstey Chess Podcast

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The Anstey Chess Podcast is the place where we will discuss everything chess with the friendly bunch from the Anstey Chess Club. Every couple of weeks, 'El Presidente' Ben and Boris 'The Toaster' will sit down and guide you through the main events in the Leicestershire county, then we will focus on a particular part of the game or have a casual chat with their guest. Join us to learn more about the great game of chess, or just to hear Boris' funny accent. read less

Our Editor's Take

The Anstey Chess Podcast follows England's Anstey Chess Club. The group meets in a Methodist Church once a week in Anstey, a village near Leicester. It is one of the country's most diverse clubs, including male and female players from Lithuania, Poland, and Bulgaria. The show shares conversations with its captains and members as they discuss tactics. It also includes practical advice to improve each player's game.

Boris "The Toaster" and "El Presidente" Ben host the Anstey Chess Podcast. They are two of the team's leaders. Ben started the club when he moved to the area. He advertised in a local magazine to raise interest. The group later started a competitive team, appearing at the 2018 Harrod Cup. The club continues to meet and compete on a regular basis.

Boris and Ben discuss the latest events in chess. They focus in particular on the British Chess Championship. The podcast invites many expert chess players to share their experiences. Grandmaster and British Chess Champion Michael Adams joins the show. He offers tips and techniques every player can use.

The podcast also invites some of its own club members. John "The Torturer" Robinson has been playing since 1954. He competed against world champions like Anatoly Karpov and Mikhail Botvinnik. Oskar "El Capitan" Rudczenko is another captain and one of the club's first members. In the second half of most episodes, the hosts and their guests recap the club's most recent matches.

Anstey Chess Podcast also welcomes chess organization experts like Nigel Towers. He is the director of the English Chess Federation. Guests such as him talk about the sport's most recent developments and tournaments. Chess trainers like FM (FIDE Master) Jonathan Blackburn also discuss some of the best ways to study the game. Players young and old may find much to learn in this program.

The Anstey Chess Podcast releases an episode every month or two. Episodes last between one hour and two hours.

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