Stepping Up to a Challenge: A Leadership Conversation with Metro's General Manager Paul Weidefeld

Inside Transformational Leadership

Oct 17 2016 • 56 mins

When you’re faced with a tough problem, great leadership skills become essential. This has never been more true as in the case of the DC Metro. In the 1970’s, the DC Metro was a modern marvel – an architectural and engineering masterpiece. But overtime, the quality of the metro has declined. Today, the DC metro faces many issues, such as regular train delays, faulty equipment, decreasing ridership and a lack of funding. Enter Paul Wiedefeld, a leader with over 35 years of experience in managing transportation systems. Since starting as GM of the DC metro last winter, Paul has already implemented various plans to improve the overall quality of the metro, and to ensure it continues to safely transport DC residents long into the future. Join us on Monday, October 17th at 11am EST, as host Kate Ebner talks to Paul about what it takes to be a strong leader in the face of a very challenging assignment.