Leveraging Polarities: Understanding How to Navigate Complexity in Organizational Life with Kelly Lewis and Dr. Barry Johnson

Inside Transformational Leadership

Aug 1 2016 • 57 mins

In today's world of increasing interdependency and complexity, leaders must utilize problem solving as well as 'both and thinking' to address the most strategic challenges and opportunities. Often, these challenges and opportunities take the form of polarities, which might be described simply as 'wicked problems' or 'chronic tensions' or 'dilemmas' or 'paradoxes.' The research is clear: leaders, teams and organizations that leverage polarities well outperform those who don't. Join Host Kate Ebner and guests Dr. Barry Johnson and Kelly Lewis to discover how to leverage your most strategic polarities to become more innovative, agile, profitable and competitive immediately and over time WHILE caring for your employees, your community and our environment.