Episode 113: D’lo

Gender Reveal

Jan 17 2022 • 49 mins

Producer Ozzy(!) speaks with actor, writer and comic D’lo (he/him). Topics include:

  • Creating a trilogy of solo shows about transition & queer life
  • Queer community as a spiritual practice
  • Using art and comedy to reshape traumatic narratives
  • “Nobody can touch us, the more vulnerable we are”
  • Plus: The god/freak complex and the short hair to transmasc pipeline

This Week in Gender: Mr. Manley makes Ohio history; Andrea Jenkins becomes president of the Minneapolis Council; Mj Rodriguez wins a Golden Globe; Republicans propose more bills against trans youth; and an Olympic skater says not to focus on them being nonbinary (oops).

Find D’lo at dlocokid.com and on Twitter/IG @dlocokid.

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