Episode 119: TAYLOR ALXNDR

Gender Reveal

May 9 2022 • 57 mins

Tuck speaks with musician, drag performer, and community organizer TAYLOR ALXNDR (they/she) Topics include:

  • Drag as a political organizing tool
  • “I feel like gender is still a competition… especially on social media”
  • Collaborating on hundreds of Southern Fried Queer Pride events without collapsing from burnout or internecine squabbles.
  • Gender social contagion (Would I want tits on a desert island?)
  • Plus: Lumpy Space Princess gender, the RuPaul Industrial Complex, and MITOCHONDRIHANNA!

This Week in Gender: Ozzy teaches us about Apayauq Reitan and more trans Iditarod history.

Find Taylor @tayloralxndr and at tayloralxndr.com. Southern Fried Queer Pride is @sfqp.

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