America at a Crossroads

Jews United for Democracy and Community Advocates, Inc.

America at a Crossroads is proud to present an esteemed roster of guests and moderators to discuss the state of American democracy and the very real challenges facing it today. Past guests and moderators have included Congressman Adam Schiff, Congresswoman Karen Bass, House Majority Whip James E. Clyburn, Lt. Col. Alex Vindman, Congressman Adam Kinzinger, George F. Will, Patt Morrison, Warren Olney, Madeleine Brand, Bill Kristol, David Axelrod, James Carville, Jonathan Greenblatt, and many more.

Leon Panetta with Warren Olney - An Expert's View of a Topsy-Turvy World: Part 3Max Boot with Patt Morrison: Is American Democracy at a Tipping Point?Bret Stephens with Patt Morrison - An Expert's View of a Topsy-Turvy World: Part 2Adm. Mike Mullen (Ret.) with Warren Olney - An Expert's View of a Topsy-Turvy World: Part 1Neal Katyal and Carol D. Leonnig with Madeleine Brand -- Trump and The Law: Are The Chickens Coming Home To Roost?Lt. Col. (Ret.) Alexander Vindman with Warren Olney: How Russia's War Has Changed The World OrderJudy Woodruff and Martin Baron with Geoffrey Cowan — Is It Possible to Restore Trust in Journalism?Kathryn Stoner and Minxin Pei with Larry Diamond - China and Russia: An Alliance of AutocraciesE.J. Dionne and Miles Rapoport with Larry Mantle - 100% Democracy: The Case for Universal VotingRick Hasen with Warren Olney - Cheap Speech: How Disinformation Poisons Our PoliticsCongressman Adam Schiff with Patt Morrison: The Challenges and Responsibilities of this MomentUkraine: The World In Crisis - featuring Anne Applebaum and Max Boot in conversation with Larry MantleBen Ginsberg and Bob Bauer with Pam Fessler: Safeguarding Free And Fair Elections – Two Election Lawyers (R & D) DiscussBarton Gellman with Madeleine Brand: Trump's Next Coup – January 6, 2021 Was Just Practice2022 Political Scene: What Lies Ahead? Bill Kristol with Ron BrownsteinThe Challenges Of Leading A Campus Community In Our Trying Times with UCLA Chancellor Gene Block, Pomona College President G. Gabrielle Starr and AAU President Barbara R. Snyder in conversation with Warren OlneyIt Could Happen Here: How We Can Stop It featuring ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt with Madeleine BrandDefeating Nazis in Court: Inside the Charlottesville Trial featuring Roberta Kaplan, Karen Dunn and Amy Spitalnick with Henry WeinsteinOne Year Later: Our Capitol, Our Country, Our Democracy – Where Are We? Featuring Carol Leonnig, Joanna Mendelson and Imran Ahmed with Larry Mantle