Interview with St. Lundi

Bringin' it Backwards

Jun 7 2024 • 1 hr 2 mins

We had the pleasure of interviewing St. Lundi over Zoom video!

At the age of 20, St. Lundi left his hometown of Hayling Island (off the coast of Portsmouth, UK), to follow his dream of becoming an artist. Employment opportunities were limited on ‘The Island’ and he whilst working in a petrol station and living with his grandparents, he left with under £100 in his bank account, booking a 1 way ticket to London.He soon ran out of money and played an open mic night, where luckily he was spotted by some Australian backpackers who offered him a couch to stay on for as long as he wants in their shared digs. This couch became St. Lundi’s home for the next 9 months, intermittently being relegated to sleeping in a stairwell when his hosts were partying.

He soon found a job as a teaching assistant at a local school for children with learning disabilities and started building a life for himself, whilst gracing the stages of basement venues and open mic nights throughout London in the evenings.

At this point, he was spotted by the label owner of Good Taste Recordings and after signing, they started working on a debut EP in late 2019. St. Lundi’s debut single was released in March 2020, one week before the UK entered full lockdown.

Whilst this spelled disaster for many, it was an excellent opportunity for St. Lundi to hone his skills as a songwriter. He was set up with a home studio and booked in for several remote writing sessions a week over this lockdown period. After just a couple of months, his first big break happened, with Kygo taking a song he wrote called ‘To Die For’ and releasing it on his 2020 Gold selling album ‘Golden Hour’. Later this year, he also featured on Seeb’s Platinum awarded album ‘Sad In Scandinavia’ with a song called ‘Colourblind’.

In 2021, St. Lundi wrote his top performing song to date titled ‘Nights Like This’. The song documents his first date with his first (and only) love Josefine. The song entered the radio charts in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Norway and Portugal, as well as amassing over 70 million streams to date. Fans from all over the world have used this song as a first dance at their weddings and soundtracked their romances, a fact that he is very proud of.

In 2022, with the world opening back up again, St. Lundi focussed on building a live following and played around 100 shows across Europe, supporting Kodaline, Tom Gregory and Leon, whilst working on new material in his rare downtime. This culminated in his debut headline tour, pulling small but enthusiastic audiences of 100-150 people a night across the UK, BeNeLux and GSA in Feb 2023. Around this time, he released ‘Ready To Be Loved’, which was the first song to be presented to UK radio and instantly picked up B-list rotation on BBC Radio 2. This was followed by another GSA tour with German chart-topping ClockClock and another single ‘Fall’, which was again added to the BBC Radio 2 playlist.

Throughout 2023, St. Lundi has perfected his debut album ‘The Island’, which is set out now!

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