Episode 16 - Rev Michael Coren in conversation about his new book The Rebel Christ

Talking UP

Nov 29 2021 • 35 mins

The countdown to Christmas has begun and, for many Christians, so has the annual debate about the true meaning of the holiday. The legacy of Indian Residential Schools coupled with  weaponization of the words of Christ by the evangelical right wing leaves Christianity in a crisis.  The words of its founder, born in Bethlehem two centuries ago, are used are more often used nowadays to justify the very ideals He preached against . Our guest today, The Reverend Michael Coren, is a columnist, broadcaster, and ordained cleric in the Anglican Church of Canada.  His 18th book The Rebel Christ has just been released. In the book, Coren makes the argument for Christ as a rebel, a radical, and a revolutionary. We talk to him today about the rebel Jesus, and how the Christian world has strayed.

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