Episode 9: Barbara Floersch and the Righteous Ask

Talking UP

Aug 30 2021 • 31 mins

A righteous ask is a funding request grounded in a community need that is well aligned with the funder’s mission and put forth by a well-respected nonprofit in pursuit of impact rather than dollars, writes Barbara Floersch in her new book You Have a Hammer: Building Grant Proposals for Social Change.

Floersch has more than 40 years’ experience in nonprofit administration, grant management and nonprofit consulting. In the U.S., she’s raised millions of dollars from federal state and local governments, as well as from public and private foundations. She was a regular writer for The Grantsmanship Center News and contributes to The NonProfit Times. In 2015, she updated and expanded Norton Kiritz’s seminal work, Grantsmanship: Program Planning & Proposal Writing, originally published in 1972.  We talked to her from her home just outside Montpelier, Vermont.

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