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Hosted By: Yung Q The 17th @yz_guy_q & Soufside💯 @imperfectlyperfect100 #WeGuudWeekly #AllPlatforms #Cashapp $WeGuudPodcastSubscribe to YouTube channel: https://youtube.com/c/WeGuudMediaThe show will focus on subjects such as…Business Health CreditFinanceSportsCommunity eventsNational newsFood fashionRelationshipsMusic reviews (Bars and Vocals)and exclusive interviews & even more... It will also touch on personal topics... Yz Guy Q/C.E.O. Of Dirt Town Sound Productions & Co-Owner of We Guud Brand & several other entrepreneurial business ventures from College Park Ga. has a awesome story, he was shot 4 times and lost his legs but he had a great life as well and has done a lot in the music industry and his community, he is also a music producer, engineer, song writer, manager, a&r & artist... Behind The Scenes DG - @iiamdg @cooltelly - Cool TV / Dope Nation #TheHustleHouse “The First Podcast Studio In The State Of Ga.... $ouF$ide 100/ 100ThaGreat is an Atlanta, Ga native, originally from Los Angeles, Ca who relocated to the south as a child. She considers herself as a serial entrepreneur with multiple business entities in beauty, fashion, hair, music, entertainment, marketing and promotions. She is also the CEO of her brand iHustlePeriod which is the umbrella to all of her other business ventures and focuses on Generational wealth for her children. This is also her 1st year in Podcast/Radio in which she hopes to build a successful future. C.H.O./Co-Owner of Krack Pies & We Guud Brand Etc... From Florida to Georgia Also has a major story and a great Mouth piece and communication skills, he has been an entrepreneur & the CEO and master mind behind several businesses that are currently successfully growing and prospering at a decently rapid pace And is a strong and major ambassador in financial literacy and is also a song writer, music manager, a&r & artist... MDUNO is an independent artist from the south side of Atlanta by way of Roosevelt Long Island New York. He has been a recording artist since the age of 16. Since 2010 he has released 6 projects available on all streaming platforms. He has been featured on Revolt tv with his feature record he did with No Malice formerly of the clipse. He was also featured in the Tupac film All Eyes on me as an extra doing security for pan am studios. He continues to work on and release music. He is most recently the new co host of the we guud podcast where you can find him dropping a bunch of free game. Stay on the look out for new material from Md Uno as he keeps the wheels turning as an independent artist of the arts as well as a media host... The podcast is now streaming on all major platforms Instagram:@yz_guy_q @iiamdg / @cooltelly @imperfectlyperfect100 @ben.yaaqob @md_uno @weguudpodcast @weguudmgmt @weguud.events YouTube: https://youtube.com/c/WeGuudMedia Websites: www.weguud.events/podcast/ www.krackpies.com www.yzguyqthe17th.com www.weguud.events/ read less