episode 17: the assumption (Colorism, Pedestals of Race, and Solutions)

How Coronavirus Saved My Life

Jan 17 2022 • 55 mins

Today's episode Christine has a deep conversation with her friend Sandra about the topic of Colorism, the ingrained assumption of “Light Good, Black Bad” from slavery and how the light skin privilege only went so far.

The times of slavery when light skin and dark skin people being separated as light skin was more acceptable to work in the slave master’s house vs dark skin people working in the field.

Sandra discusses the Clark Doll Study where dolls of different shades are shown to black children asking questions if which doll was good, bad, or preferred.

Christine discusses her own family genealogy of owing slaves and how slaves cost less than farm equipment

Sandra discusses her daughter dating white men exclusively, her daughter experiencing racism at an Asian dance club, and why it bothers Sandra that her daughter does not want to date black men.

Topic of a few African Americans being antiblack, the illusion of black people aren’t marginalized.

Diversity in the workplace, different experiences, and being short sighted.

Christine’s own previous assumptions of black people all being in the fight together.

Racism and divide between Africans and African-Americans, African men’s view of black men being lazy and African men’s assumption of African American women when dating.

A powerful conversation about black women’s feelings about black men dating white women, the “shortage of black men” on their level, and the feeling of betrayal.

Christine discusses why she predominantly dates African American males, her theme of not feeling protected in childhood, and how black represents protection to her.

The pedestals of race, placing attributes onto a group of people, finding worthiness in a partner instead of inside yourself.

The black man struggles with getting jobs, career advancement which affects being head of household. Black women getting a job over a black man because of the assumption of being threatening.

Solutions to the assumptions ingrained in the black experience which starts with healing yourself then networking together.




Thank you for taking this deep and heavy journey with me!

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