Securing The Bag Together: Unlocking the Power of Partnerships [Ep.08]

Banking on Cultura: Where Latino Culture and Entrepreneurship Collide

Oct 24 2023 • 32 mins

Join Victoria Jenn Rodriguez for a deep dive into collaborations - how to find the right business partners, avoid mistakes she's made, raise money for your events, and create win-win partnerships that fuel success.

Drawing from her own experiences, Victoria Jenn reveals her collaboration journey for an upcoming event with Cara Alwill, from initially connecting as speakers to now co-creating their first big summit focused on how to #SecureTheBigBag & Love Unapologetically.

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Victoria Jenn unpacks the critical steps for identifying collaborative opportunities, establishing trust gradually over time, playing to each partner’s strengths, and tips for seamless large-scale event execution.

You’ll learn:

  • Why collaborations built on existing relationships have the best chance of thriving long-term

  • How to identify potential partners with shared values who complement vs. compete

  • The importance of giving partnerships time to blossom naturally vs. forcing connections

  • How to determine the unique value each party brings to build win-win collaborations

  • Event planning tips: securing sponsors, the power of negotiation, hiring event teams, and more

This episode provides a blueprint for cultivating intimate professional relationships that push you to grow. Discover how humility, vulnerability, and patience help transform collaborations from risky to richly rewarding.

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