My Spiritual Awakening in Bali: Part 1 [Ep.20]

Banking on Cultura: Where Latino Culture and Entrepreneurship Collide

Jan 16 2024 • 33 mins

Victoria Jenn brings in 2024 in Bali and shares her transformative journey. Trying to get out of a personal funk and seeking a deeper understanding of herself, she embarks on a spiritual retreat. This episode is part 1 of her experiences, learnings, and realizations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Victoria Jenn's introspection on turning 40 and her quest for purpose.
  • Why you need to go on a spiritual retreat, even if you have to go alone
  • Overcoming a scarcity mindset and embracing luxury in travel.
  • Exploring spirituality beyond cultural norms and embracing discomfort for growth.
  • The importance of trusting yourself and following your intuition.

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