Daddy’s Little Girl: How to Care for an Elderly Parent & Keep Them Young with Victor Rodriguez [Ep.07]

Banking on Cultura: Where Latino Culture and Entrepreneurship Collide

Oct 22 2023 • 45 mins

In this episode, Victoria Jenn sits down with the main man in her life, her father, Victor Rodriguez. From Victor's migration journey from Puerto Rico at the mere age of 15 with only $15 in his pocket, to the hustle and bustle of New York, they dive into stories filled with both tears and laughter. Victor doesn't just share tales from the past, he also drops gems on how to raise kids as a single parent, and some OG wisdom on how to find your happy.

In this episode, Victoria Jenn and Victor Rodriguez discuss:

  • Victor's initial challenges in the States, especially learning English from ground zero.
  • Time-tested advice for fathers raising their little girls and the art of patience.
  • Victor's life perspective, why he embraces every moment, and isn't daunted by the thought of death.
  • How to stay young, have a social life as an older adult, and why we need to never stop having fun
  • The role of forgiveness and self-love in living a life filled with joy and contentment.

This father-daughter duo paints a vivid picture of family ties, resilience, and the everlasting bond that binds parents to their children. Join them on this trip down memory lane, and you might just find some pearls of wisdom to take with you.


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