Guillaume McMartin and Finding Your Way Through Giving

Oracle League Podcasts

Feb 15 2022 • 45 mins

Guillaume was a firefighter and fire investigator for eight years in his hometown in Quebec, Canada.  After letting others push him around and walking on his feet since he was a child, he got a point where he lost all his self-confidence and passion for living.  He had to choose, to give up, or to find his purpose.

Since choosing to find his purpose, Guillaume has been on a journey of protecting those who cannot defend themselves including people, communities and all living things.

Through his journey through spirituality, social entrepreneurship and by listening to his heart, Guillaume founded Planet Karma with friends to inspire people around the world to do good around them by creating inspirational videos.  Generating good karma by doing good deeds for others and our planet.

Planet Karma is quickly becoming a video/TV production company to create shows to both entertain, inspire and educate humanity so that we can all live in harmony with ourselves, each other, our planet and all living things.

In his conversation with Larry, Guillaume shares who he is and where he’s going.