Afam Onyema, When Philanthropy and Service is a Family Affair

Oracle League Podcasts

Mar 23 2022 • 40 mins

Larry’s interview with Afam speaks to his personal story as well as the heart of philanthropy.

Born in the United States, Afam has always felt the pull of his family’s ancestral homeland, Nigeria.

Taking his undergraduate degree at Harvard, Afam had a brief tenure in corporate public relations then began studying law at Stanford.

Family influence was strong, however, as his father, a physician, had devoted his life to a medical mission in his homeland.  During his studies at Stanford, he co-founded the GEANCO Foundation.  The Foundation’s name is taken from the initials of his siblings, mother and father.

Afam had found his calling.

GEANCO’s mission is to save and transform lives in Nigeria. GEANCO leads complex surgical missions to Nigeria. It runs an innovative program to fight anemia and builds modern maternity clinics to help poor, vulnerable pregnant women deliver healthy babies.

In its short history, the Foundation has been tremendously successful in both it’s mission and in its building of support

Afam’s fundraising for the Foundation subscribes to the true definition of philanthropy.  It’s two persons coming together to accomplish what neither can do alone.