René Rodriguez

René Rodriguez takes the neuroscience and psychology behind our behaviors, simplifies it, and combines that with an acute understanding of self-awareness, emotions, storytelling, body language, and more to help each of us better deliver our ideas to others. The result is the ability to enhance our message delivery and connect with our audience whether that audience is one person in front of you, 100, or 1,000 and up. And in the process, we influence outcomes and improve our lives by having a greater impact on the world.

Surviving and Thriving Through Change with Ryan Grams
“It doesn’t matter the change, it matters how we respond to it and how we understand the human condition during it.” In the new hybrid - virtual/in person world, your desk isn’t your desk anymore, it’s your set, it’s your stage. When René first had that realization it was with the help and guidance of Ryan Grams. Our first podcast live guest joins the show to discuss his own pivot during and after the pandemic to fill the void in the new hybrid world. “The way to overcome disassociation is by replicating as close to possible, the in person experience.” And that’s just what Ryan has helped René and many others do, recreate the in person experience as closely as possible through the acronym, C.A.L.L. Camera. Audio. Lighting. Location. Listen as Ryan and René break down how they adapted to this new normal, and more broadly how flexibility and focus can help you and your business adapt to any changing circumstances. Show Resources: https://theneuroside.com/ (TheNeuroSide.com) https://meetrene.com/ (MeetRene.com) https://amplifiimylife.com/ (Amplifiimylife.com) https://AmplifyBook.com (AmplifyBook.com) https://www.instagram.com/reel/CZreFsLFDFZ (New studio build video) https://callupgra.de/getting-started.pdf (CallUpgrade AMPLIFII™ Pack) https://CallUpgrade.com (CallUpgrade.com) https://instagram.com/callupgrade?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= (@callupgrade) https://instagram.com/neelhome?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= (@neelhome) https://www.forwardevent.com/ (Neel Dhingra’s Forward Event)  02:20 - How Ryan and René met 03:10 - No one was ready at the beginning of the pandemic 03:54 - Who is Ryan Grams? 06:00 - The world wasn’t ready for the changes either, most of it STILL ISN’T 06:30 - Change is the common denominator 07:15 - The basics of video capture, C.A.L.L. 09:00 - It’s not JUST the camera, it’s lighting that makes the difference 10:20 - They Hybrid/Virtual world ISN’T GOING AWAY 11:55 - My desk is my set or stage 13:55 - This isn’t about vanity, it’s about overcoming disassociation 17:00 - When is a teleprompter not JUST a teleprompter 21:10 - Eye Contact is a dance 22:45 - Audio 24:45 - Test Audio setting!!!! 26:10 - If you’re not making mistakes, you’re not in the game 28:30 - Does all this really matter? 30:15 - René and Ryan have gone through the same changes you’re going through 33:06 - If you have a big following… (the first fork in the road) 35:30 - How do I speak to people that don’t know me? 41:45 - When you understand your brand, you have the materials to build hooks 43:55 - Ryan’s advice for maximizing your equipment 48:00 - AmplifiiBook.com 48:05 - MeetRene.com
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49 mins
The Most Powerful Phrase in Selling, Communication and Influence
We all do it. Scrolling Instagram, listening to a news program, hearing a sales pitch, picking out a podcast to listen to. We’re asking ourselves one thing. “It’s a basic human question, it’s not designed to be arrogant or anything. But we want to know, what does any of this stuff mean to ME?” When you hear someone answer this question, their message feels complete. Without it, anyone is just a talking head. René breaks down the science behind this powerful phrase and the concept of the “tie down” that it leads to so naturally. Until you’ve tied down your message, you haven’t provided value. Whether you’re a sales exec, CEO, coach, pastor or just a parent hoping to get your teen to hear something once in a while, this episode is for you! Show Resources: https://theneuroside.com/ (TheNeuroSide.com) https://meetrene.com/ (MeetRene.com) https://amplifiimylife.com/ (Amplifiimylife.com) https://AmplifyBook.com (AmplifyBook.com) 01:25 - “What that means to you is…” 01:51 - How René learned this power phrase 05:40 - How does this phrase fit into the “tie down”? 06:50 - You have to show the value to THEM, because THEY won’t find it themselves 07:25 - What it means to one person is not the same as it means to the next person 07:45 - Tyler and Alyssa Lorenzen’s list of 20 tie down phrases 10:22 - You’re CUEING the brain that value is about to be delivered 11:11 - “Conceptually Selling” by Heiman and Miller - People Buy for their own reasons, not yours. 11:50 - Sometimes “what it means” is values alignment 12:25 - We are only valuable to people if we are helping them create value 13:40 - Features/Benefit conversations 15:50 - The AMPLIFII™ Opening event is a dinner because incorporating multiple senses has power 16:35 - René’s Blackberry Holster 18:20 - Influence doesn’t happen until you tie it down 20:15 - The Ramble Dance 22:00 - What matters most? Client Value 23:05 - https://amplifybook.com/ (AmplifyBook.com) Twenty other tie down phrases: I share this story with you because Why this matters to you is I believe this matters to you because The point of all this is This is relevant to you because The reason I share this with you is Well, my point is I bring this to your attention because I invite you to consider the following This is applicable in your situation because Well, what’s in it for you is The reason you should care is This is pertinent information because The value to you is This relates to you because The reason this is cool is This is significant because This directly correlates to you because This is very fitting because This story is appropriate because
May 17 2022
24 mins
The Power of Hand Gestures
“You’re a PowerPoint slide. And anything you do is either contributing to your message or distracting from it.” When most of us think of hand gestures, we might have a few rude ones in mind, but studies tell us that hand gestures are crucial for both the presenter’s recall AND the audience’s accurate perception of the message being delivered. René gives us concrete examples of how to use our body and especially our hands to take our influence to the next level. But what about the over-expressers? René has you covered too as he outlines the concept of the Influence Zone and how staying inside of it can take you from overbearing to outstanding. Whether you’re born to hand jive or always keeping one hand in your pocket, this episode will help you break out of your shell and into the influence zone. Don’t miss it! Show Resources: https://theneuroside.com/ (TheNeuroSide.com) https://meetrene.com/ (MeetRene.com) https://amplifiimylife.com/ (Amplifiimylife.com) https://amplifybook.com/ (AmplifyBook.com) https://www.amanet.org/articles/when-leaders-talk-with-their-hands/ (www.amanet.org/articles/when-leaders-talk-with-their-hands/) https://www.scienceofpeople.com/hand-gestures/ (www.scienceofpeople.com/hand-gestures/) 02:00 - What is AMPLIFII™? 02:40 - We begin with “the Influence Zone” 03:40 - Holler and Beatie study 05:15 - Anchoring messages in your fingers 06:20 - Matching hand gestures can drive a message home 07:45 - Hand gestures can alter perception of character 10:25 - Personality Types 12:30 - Information Packaging Hypothesis 14:00 - If you’re the PowerPoint slide, are there any distractions? 15:34 - The Influence Zone or The Box 17:00 - Avoid international hand gesture confusion! 17:35 - How do you START? 18:20 - the Steeple 19:15 - your fingers are a gun, you don’t want to point them at anyone 20:00 - Take an acting class 20:35 - look at their feet! 22:08 - take it EVEN bigger!! 22:44 - Takeaways 24:20 - Wall Street Journal #2 Best Seller!!! Amplify Your Influence the Book
May 10 2022
25 mins
Questioning Questions
Every question asked and answered is an opportunity to understand each other better and fundamentally move your relationship, your organization, your project or family forward. How much thought do you put into the questions you ask the receptionist at your office each day, or the doorman of your building? Probably not very much.  “How’s it going?” “How are you doing?” Do you even seriously want to know the answer to those questions? When someone poses such a question to you, don’t you feel OBLIGATED to answer it? “You’ve got to be intentional with questions, they can guide you Into some really interesting places.” How do YOUR questions stand up? True leadership is about capitalizing on those opportunities presented with every question as opposed to being a victim of circumstance and habit who is just treading water verbally. In this episode, Rene breaks down the power of questions and how every leader should be using them to better themselves and their teams. Don’t miss it! Show Resources: https://theneuroside.com/ (TheNeuroSide.com) https://meetrene.com/ (MeetRene.com) https://amplifiimylife.com/ (Amplifiimylife.com) AmplifyBook.com 01:38 - Questions are a critical component 01:52 - Most people think ‘externally’ 02:20 - A question might make someone remember what they believe 03:25 - If I want to understand a company’s culture, I walk in, close my eyes and listen 04:20 - Most people don’t put much thought into the questions they ask 05:50 - The Art of Conversation - Episode 07 07:15 - Sometimes questions asked will tell you how you’re doing 08:24 - We feel an overwhelming OBLIGATION to answer questions that are asked of us 10:40 - Is the question self-serving? Or is it to YOUR benefit? 11:00 - Book - QBQ - The Question behind the Question 11:20 - What is it that they’re ACTUALLY trying to get at? 12:05 - Questions without much thought are often EMOTIONALLY based 13:30 - “If you’re going to attack me, attack me with more detail, please?” 14:55 - The person asking the question is LEADING the conversation 15:55 - Direction doesn’t mean CONTROL 18:00 - Learn how to clarify 19:00 - Learn to give rich answers to dumb questions 22:45 - AmplifyBook.com
Apr 26 2022
23 mins
Learn to Express vs Impress
‘The end goal is we want to be impressive, but we can’t approach the work with the goal of being impressive.’ Ever find yourself in conversation thinking of the next best thing to say, instead of being present and actually listening to the other party? You were trying to impress, rather than express, and it’s much easier to fall into than you might think. Whether your ‘audience’ is one person in a conversation or 1000 plus in a keynote speech, the moment you are trying to impress, as opposed to expressing your beliefs and ideas, you’ve already lost. ‘You can learn the techniques, but if you can’t tap into an authentic delivery style, one that is uniquely yours and that comes from a place that’s believable, what good is it?’ The very core of AMPLIFII™ is summed up in Rene’s direction to let your heart speak in sequence and that’s exactly what this episode is about. A message that’s all polish and no passion is hollow, but we can’t bring our beliefs and ideas to bear on our delivery if we’re unclear on what those beliefs and ideas even are. In this episode, Rene will walk you through his own process for dealing with the stress of speaking that helps him ensure he speaks from his heart as opposed to ‘showing off’ for an audience. Show Resources: https://theneuroside.com/ (TheNeuroSide.com) https://meetrene.com/ (MeetRene.com) https://amplifiimylife.com/ (Amplifiimylife.com) 01:33 - Jim Rohn 02:40 - What does it mean to express vs impress? 03:19 - Don’t you want to be impressive? 04:17 - How Rene uses his ‘mantra’ before speaking 04:54 - What is ‘expression’? 05:12 - What is ‘impression’? 06:00 - What does Rene mean by ‘the heart’? 06:45 - You have to be a philosopher 09:30 - If you can’t deliver it authentically, what good is it? 11:15 - You’ve got to write! 12:27 - The moment you stop trying to impress is the moment you become most impressive 13:03 - Athletes reserve ‘thinking’ for practice. They ‘express’ in the game 13:30 - ‘If you can name it you can tame it’ 14:40 - What Rene does before a talk - Climbing the mountain 18:55 - What are the benefits of this type of exercise? 20:44 - But what if we DON’T explore these things? 22:03 - The importance of routines 23:19 - AmplifyBook.com
Apr 19 2022
24 mins
How to Find Your Purpose
“When you realize it’s bigger than US, you’ll withstand the adversity, the setbacks.” To be an effective leader, you must first ensure that your own motivation remains high, through problems and crisis as well as high times and celebration. This demands a true and honest understanding of both what sparks you (what forces you to immediate action) and your purpose (what will sustain you through those times of hardship). This episode will help you expose BOTH. 2 out of 3 employees are rethinking their purpose based on the events of the last two years. While large organizations can benefit exponentially from wrestling with these questions, even solo entrepreneurs, parents, coaches or junior employees need to have a jump-start motivation tool AND a long-term aim for your work in the world in order to realize your possibilities and reach your ultimate goals. Show Resources: https://theneuroside.com/ (TheNeuroSide.com) https://meetrene.com/ (MeetRene.com) https://amplifiimylife.com/ (Amplifiimylife.com) 01:50 - If you haven’t asked the question yet, you will at some point 02:15 - “Tuesdays with Morrie” 02:55 - “Spark” vs. “Purpose” 04:25 - “If you’re not motivated, what pisses you off?” 05:05 - Connection to something bigger than us 06:08 - We have to know that our work MATTERS 06:22 - UNDERSTANDING how our work affects others 06:55 - Purpose is something you can choose 07:40 - How to get to “purpose”? Look at who you are 09:50 - Your “lighthouse” or your “foghorn” 13:00 - The connection of past and current is where the strongest purpose is found 15:35 - The benefits to increasing connection among your employees 17:10 - When you are acting outside your values 19:00 - Learn to tell your story and AMPLIFII™ your impact exponentially 20:15 - AMPLIFY YOUR INFLUENCE Book Bulk Orders available!
Apr 5 2022
21 mins
The Power of Framing with Tyler Lorenzen
Tyler Lorenzen is an entrepreneur, former quarterback for UCONN, Super Bowl winner with Drew Brees, and Now the CEO of Puris Proteins which was just named the #1 Most Innovative company in the world alongside Tesla. He’s also a dear friend of Rene’s and an expert user of the AMPLIFII™ methodology. “My perspective was someone’s gotta do it, why not me?” - Tyler Lorenzen on his childhood assertion that he’d play pro football. Tyler joins us to talk about his athletic career, his company’s mission and the experiences he’s had that continue to highlight the power of framing for leaders at any level. Tyler has a powerful story of overcoming low expectations, putting in the work to achieve his dreams and spreading a message that offers hope for sustainability and healthier lifestyles for his fellow man. Don’t miss this fantastic interview, and find more about Puris and Tyler’s work here: https://puris.com/ (https://puris.com) Show Resources: https://theneuroside.com/ (TheNeuroSide.com) https://meetrene.com/ (MeetRene.com) https://amplifiimylife.com/ (Amplifiimylife.com) 01:32 - What is “framing” to Tyler? 04:10 - Influence can be positive, or negative, and negative influence is the most powerful, in a bad way 05:00 - Influence is going to happen regardless 06:25 - Leadership = getting people to do and think similarly, and go for the same goal. 10:06 - You have to celebrate bad news 14:45 - Michael Jordan and Tim Grover 17:22 - High Growth companies grow in “dog years” 19:11 - “My passion, was football.” 22:49 - The balance of novelty and strict process 23:13 - “Once you have filet mignon, you’ll never eat roast beef. Super Bowl or bust.” - Sean Payton 29:00 - “Pitch Anything” - How Rene and Tyler met 31:07 - “I wanna take framing to the next level” 35:44 - Using past successes to establish a frame 37:45 - Use a story to deliver me a message, don’t waste my time telling me a story 44:30- “What does your dad mean to you?” 48:45- what it means to truly believe the mind is limitless 49:37- the founding of the Lorenzen family business 52:49- Tyler’s Tiedowns 55:35- It’s a buyer’s process, not a seller’s process 01:01:30 - The Puris lifestyle 01:07:11 - Using framing to secure company funding 01:09:36 - What advice do you give someone going through AMPLIFII™ for the first time
Mar 29 2022
1 hr 15 mins
Defining “Your Lane” in Business
Mar 22 2022
26 mins
How to Think About Price
“Price” is often the first and primary obstacle for anyone in sales, but also anyone looking AT ANY investment. Asking for an investment of time, energy, promotion or yes, money, will often come down to “the price” But SHOULD that be the first question? Is that what YOU believe? “I don’t mind spending more, as long as the experience matches. I want you to have that approach as well.” In this episode, René helps us reframe the price question for ourselves, by taking into account value and considering the “time of performance” as centrally as “moment of purchase”. We also discuss classic pitches for framing price and bring them into the modern era, discarding what is no longer of use and repurposing the valuable gems at the center of these old ideas. Show Resources: https://theneuroside.com/ (TheNeuroSide.com) https://meetrene.com/ (MeetRene.com) https://amplifiimylife.com/ (Amplifiimylife.com) https://ampcon.live/ (AMPCon.live) 01:40 - “cost” or “investment” is not JUST about PRICE 02:55 - Do you believe PRICE is #1? 03:35 - Higher Price comes with higher expectations 05:12 - Overcoming your price frame is an internal battle FIRST 06:19 - Zig Ziglar’s (and Rene’s) time selling Saladmaster 08:19 - The “Quality Close” 12:45 - The modern takeaway on the “Quality Close” 15:47 - “But I can get it cheaper somewhere else!” 18:51 - “The price is just too high.” 21:32 - The AMPLIFII Alan Shepard close 24:15 - Don’t let “the moment of purchase” outweigh “the time of performance” 26:54 - The difference between manipulation and influence 27:30 - What does it cost to bring me in? Or what does it cost to NOT bring me in? 30:44- It all comes down to, what do you believe? 32:00 - So much to come, share the show and Rene’s message with friends 32:15 - AMPCON 2022 March 14th, AMPCON.live 32:30 - BuyAmplifiiBook.com
Mar 8 2022
33 mins
The 10 Leadership Brands You DON’T Want
One of things the pandemic has absolutely accomplished is exposing a lot of “leaders” who weren’t really ready for their positions. The decisions you made, actions you took and public statements you made while the whole world was looking for guidance will be remembered much longer than you might think, or hope! “Here’s the reality, you’re going to be judged at the end of this. Who ARE you?” Rene describes the common personality types that reveal themselves (sometimes even within us) that you DON’T want to be known for in your industry, career or personal life. As Emerson said, “Adversity does not build character, it reveals it.” What has adversity revealed about you? Show Resources: https://theneuroside.com/ (TheNeuroSide.com) https://meetrene.com/ (MeetRene.com) https://amplifiimylife.com/ (Amplifiimylife.com) https://ampcon.live/ (AMPCon.live) How to have better political conversations Ted Talk - https://www.ted.com/talks/robb_willer_how_to_have_better_political_conversations (https://www.ted.com/talks/robb_willer_how_to_have_better_political_conversations) 01:55 - “Adversity does not build character, it reveals it.” 02:57 - What does a “Leadership brand” mean? 04:02 - Leadership is anyone who has influence over someone. 04:58 - The goal isn’t perfection, just self awareness 05:11 - “The Jester” 07:25 - “Johnny ToneDeaf” 08:57 - “Amy Alarmist” 11:34 - Negativity Bias” 12:39 - “Andy Apathy” 13:46 - “Colin Coward” 16:27 - “Karen Conspiracy” 18:46 - “Sally Spin” 20:51 - “PollyAnna” 22:48 - “Bobby (Steven) Selfish” 24:17 - “Arnie Armchair” 25:24 - How do you avoid becoming these brands? 27:07 - Even in the midst of change, somethings never change 28:16 - AmplifiiBook.com 28:18 - AMPCon.live
Mar 1 2022
29 mins
Knowing Your Audience
WHO is your audience? Seems like a simple question, right? But this isn’t just about the titles of the people you’re speaking to. Understanding your audience is about understanding their situation and circumstance, where they came from and why they’re in front of you right now. “When I say, ‘Who?’ I mean in all aspects. What are they feeling? What are they going through? What’s happening at their company? What’s happening to them personally?” In this episode, René asks the questions you’ll need to ask so that you understand your audience and address them where they are, no matter whether you’re a public speaker, a sales executive, a parent, coach or just someone hoping to make an impact in your personal relationships.  Don’t miss this crucial information to help Amplifii your influence! Show Resources: https://theneuroside.com/ (TheNeuroSide.com) https://meetrene.com/ (MeetRene.com) https://amplifiimylife.com/ (Amplifiimylife.com) https://ampcon.live/ (AMPCon.live) 01:15 - Of COURSE I know my audience…don’t I? 01:36 - EVERYONE has an audience 02:52 - “Who” doesn’t mean their title 04:20 - What are the “hidden” audiences 05:50 - Asking the right questions 08:00 - Changing circumstances, change the audience 09:02 - Work WITH the circumstances, not against them 10:08 - Validate and reinforce your client/don’t make it about you 11:28 - What about the Business to Consumer world? 12:45 - How does Rene prepare for an event? 16:20 - Make sure you’re not speaking to strangers 18:55 - Sometimes the audience is the people who invited you 19:25 - END ON TIME!!! 20:20 - But what if you have MORE time? 23:10 - The audience is KEY 23:38 - AMPCon.live 23:45 - AmplifiiBook.com
Feb 22 2022
25 mins
The Law of Averages
While it often feels like our success or failure is at the hands of fate or chance, in business, we are each working under the Law of Averages. “If you’re not measuring and tracking, you don’t have the numbers to be able to predict!” If we do X, then Y is the result. It’s calculable, it’s measurable, and it’s repeatable. So why isn’t everyone a success? Why do you even need this lesson, since we’re all just waiting on the Y result we’re hoping and dreaming of? Because most of us, aren’t putting in the work. Rene breaks it all down from defining “leads” to the proven repeatable formula that will increase your sales in this week’s episode. Show Resources: https://theneuroside.com/ (TheNeuroSide.com) https://meetrene.com/ (MeetRene.com) https://amplifiimylife.com/ (Amplifiimylife.com) https://ampcon.live/ (AMPCon.live) 01:08 - The New studio! 01:30 - The Law of Averages 01:48 - The Ratio of Results 03:02 - Lagging and Leading Indicators 04:50 - Calculating Cost per Lead 05:50 - The Hallway Walk 06:40 - The Best way to understand a leading indicator - The Canary in the Coalmine 07:50 - How do you define a “lead” 10:23 - If you’re not measuring and tracking, you don’t have the numbers to be able to predict 12:31 - The question is always “how” 15:15 - The Mayo Clinic’s approach 17:27 - Prospecting, Appointments, Present, Close, After-Care, Referrals - PAPCAR - Money Making Activities 21:22 - If you’re not credible, it’s just not working 23:42 - How do we deal with the negative voice? 25:40 - You’re in control of your learning curve 26:50 - AMPCon.live 27:00 - Insta @seerenespeak 27:30 - Amplifii Your Influence the Book!
Feb 8 2022
28 mins
How To…Um…Eliminate Filler Words
Beware, this episode is FULL of filler words. So, you know how, um, all of us fill the spaces, um, with, uh, extra words? Rene knows all about it too and takes on filler words, as well as the perfectionist removal of them entirely, in this episode.  “Self awareness is a big key of this. We have to create awareness, most people don’t realize how much they use filler words until they start recording themselves.” From the scientific cause of filler words, to the proven practices that can help make you aware of and able to eliminate them in your own speech, this episode will help any one who speaks in public or even addressing clients or customers on the phone and over Zoom. Don’t miss this opportunity to improve your impact today! Show Resources: https://theneuroside.com/ (TheNeuroSide.com) https://meetrene.com/ (MeetRene.com) https://amplifiimylife.com/ (Amplifiimylife.com) https://ampcon.live/ (AMPCon.live) Progressive Relaxation: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lng6ukg42vllvkm/Guided%20Progressive%20Relaxation%20with%20Music.mp3?dl=0 (www.dropbox.com/s/lng6ukg42vllvkm/Guided Progressive Relaxation with Music.mp3?dl=0) 02:00 - What are filler words? 03:13 - Why um? 05:34 - What do filler words do to you? 06:44 - Don’t muddy the brain’s picture 07:42 - How do you stop filler words? 09:20 - Beliefs about Silence 11:15 - The Best Speakers know the power of Silence 13:02 - How to build self-awareness 14:20 - Filler words get in the way of emotional connection 16:17 - Filler words add cognitive effort for the listener 16:42 - But how long…is a pause? 19:55 - Does your personal brand matter? So do filler words 20:55 - Your Homework - Record AND REVIEW 23:17 - It’s okay to suck at something when you start! 25:07 - Preparation is KEY 27:00 - The more you practice, the easier it becomes 27:22 - Progressive Relaxation 28:20 - Recap 29:00 - AmplifiiBook.com 29:15 - Subscribe to our YouTube Channel 29:40 - AMPCon 2022 30:00 - Let your heart speak in sequence!
Feb 1 2022
31 mins
How to Differentiate Yourself
What is your competitive advantage? Are you sure you even know what that means? From the creation of the term by Dr. Michael Porter is his classic book, “Competitive Strategy” to real world modern corporate examples of brands using the Blue Ocean Strategy to not just beat their competition but to make the competition IRRELEVANT, this episode will help you understand the importance of differentiation. “Differentiation is the ability to sell your product or service WITHOUT having to lower its price.” Rene brings the lesson to life, highlighting how “different” doesn’t always mean “valuable”. Don’t miss this episode, or your competition might just leave YOU behind. Show Resources: https://TheNeuroSide.com (TheNeuroSide.com) https://MeetRene.com (MeetRene.com) https://Amplifiimylife.com (Amplifiimylife.com) https://AMPCon.live (AMPCon.live) 02:06 - Let’s define “differentiation” 03:17 - Rene’s definition of “differentiation” 04:21 - What is competition? 05:42 - How do I compete? 05:50 - Dr. Michael Porter’s “Competitive Strategy” 07:58 - Technology isn’t a sustainable competitive advantage 08:51 - Distinct capabilities that aren’t SUSTAINABLE 09:20 - What ARE sustainable differences? 11:39 - The Branding Game 15:08 - Blue Ocean Strategy 16:50 - Yellowtail Wine 18:24 - Ask yourself the differentiation questions 19:39 - Are you truly differentiating? 20:18 - Join the Amplifii Facebook Group 20:27 - Want more like this? Buy the Amplifii Book 20:43 - Join us at AMPCon 2022 in Las Vegas!
Jan 18 2022
22 mins
The Psychological Value Equation
Did you know there’s an equation to determine value? It often feels like we’re selling ourselves, our products and services on emotion alone, but your clients or buyers absolutely “do the math”. In this episode, Rene helps ensure you can do the math ahead of time. Find your value, confirm your belief in it, hone the presentation of it, and you’ll control the value equation. “The word expected changes things. It’s not about truth, facts, logic, it’s not even about what’s real, it’s about what I expect.” If you would like more from Rene, see the links below to purchase his book, schedule your spot at a live event and find more info about AMPCon 2022 in Las Vegas this March! Show Resources: https://TheNeuroSide.com (TheNeuroSide.com) https://MeetRene.com (MeetRene.com) https://Amplifiimylife.com (Amplifiimylife.com) https://AMPCon.live (AMPCon.live) 01:00 - One word, Value 01:34 - What is value? 02:58 - Psychological Value Equation 03:55 - Expected Benefits*Confidence that you’ll get them 04:56 - Brand = Confidence 05:15 - Ethos = Confidence 05:41 - Science of Influence & Physical Presence = Confidence 06:28 - Either you’re in a “for profit” business, or at least a “for profit” family 08:15 - Why do we get paid? 10:14 - What do we bring to the hour? 10:23 - The story of the Engineer 13:05 - No one became an expert overnight 13:40 - Scott Hardy’s story 15:57 - Rene’s story 17:54 - Do you really believe in what you’re doing? Enough to tell everyone about it? 19:13 - Passionate delivery of value is a gift 20:55 - Why don’t they buy? 22:49 - Where execution begins to happen 23:13 - Summary - (Expected Benefits*Confidence Factor)-Cost = Value 25:33 - Want more like this? Check out the Amplifii Your Influence book! 25:55 - Join us at AMPCon 2022, March 14th in Vegas
Jan 11 2022
27 mins
Ancient Secrets to Influence and Persuasion - ETHOS - PATHOS - LOGOS
A good “argument” is more than just the substance itself. To lead people, teams or organizations it takes logic, credibility AND an emotional appeal to induce action. This isn’t news, Aristotle discussed these concepts 2000 years ago, but so many leaders with massive potential miss out because they’ve forgotten these ancient “secrets”. “The moment we get complacent with our Ethos, is the moment we start to lose it.” In this episode, Rene breaks down these concepts (as well as the forgotten two, Kyros and Telos) to help you and your organization move forward from a place of credibility, using your own values, beliefs and experiences to lead with Pathos, Ethos and Logos. Show Resources: https://TheNeuroSide.com (TheNeuroSide.com) https://MeetRene.com (MeetRene.com) https://Amplifiimylife.com (Amplifiimylife.com) https://AMPCon.live (AMPCon.live) 02:00 - What ARE Ethos, Pathos and Logos? 02:30 - The Origin of Argumentative Thought   03:19 - Ethos is your credibility 05:11 - How do you establish Ethos? 05:38 - Ethos (and Pathos) are built through content AND delivery 06:34 - How do I grow my Ethos? 07:19 - Who owns your Ethos? (Hint, it’s not you) 08:24 - Success is rented, and rent’s due everyday 10:27 - Is it possible to influence without achievement? 11:42 - What is Pathos? 12:13 - Our emotions drive behavior 14:25 - Why delivery matters for EVERYONE 16:01 - Your Audience owns your Ethos 17:16 - People need Leaders that have Ethos and Can trigger Pathos with a Logical plan 18:50 - The varied applications of these concepts 21:23 - You can find Ethos anywhere 24:27 - What do I like? What am I good at? What have I been doing? 24:56 - You WILL find what you search for. WHAT are you going to look for? 26:57 - How a short memory can hurt your Ethos AND Pathos 27:55 - It’s 2022. Crying is okay. 29:10 - How do you tell stories without getting so emotional? 30:06 - How to improve your presentation 30:58 - What is Logos? 32:56 - Your presentation needs all three, Logos, Ethos AND Pathos 35:20 - The Forgotten two, Kyros and Telos 35:31 - Kyros = Timeliness 39:04 - Telos = End, What is your purpose? 40:30 - Self-Awareness is key for Kyros 41:33 - Want more like this? Check out the Amplifii Your Influence book! 42:00 - Join us at AMPCon 2022, March 14th in Vegas 42:23 - Share the show with a friend or colleague that would find value
Jan 4 2022
43 mins
How To Design Your Best Year Ever
“A lot of times our influence is about influencing ourselves. How do we spend each day, how do we spend each moment?” Taking responsibility for your wins (and your regrets) is a humbling and exciting experience that will allow you to craft the future you dream of. In this episode, Rene walks us through the exercise of writing the “books of our year”. The book of your successes is the one we like to share far and wide, but writing the book of your regrets is the key to truly understanding where you are, and why you’re not where you want to be. “Today is the future of your past. Today is the past of your future.” Whether the habits you need to overcome are in your business life, your personal life or your health, understanding the two questions at the center of this episode will help make 2022 your best year ever. Topics: 01:54 - Two Questions that can change your life 02:50 - Today is the Past of Our Future 06:30 - I can craft my past 07:05 - You’re not thinking small enough 08:41 - Busy doing what? 10:04 - Today is the Future of My Past 15:30 - Celebrating the wins/Taking Responsibility for the losses 16:30 - We have to influence ourselves 17:01 - The Two Books You Write Every year 18:30 - As a leader, you have to share your book first 19:54 - What Book Do You Want to Write Next Year? 20:39 - If you have bad habits, you have to start small 21:38 - Build Momentum 22:17 - What Would Make This the Best Year of My Life? 23:53 - What Are You Doing Differently This Year 25:49 - How do I set myself up to best advantage 27:18 - Influence starts internally 29:40 - What is the highest good I can do NOW 30:21 - AMPCon.LIVE March 14th, 2022 31:37 - BuyAmplifiiBook.com Show Resources: https://TheNeuroSide.com (TheNeuroSide.com) https://MeetRene.com (MeetRene.com) https://Amplifiimylife.com (Amplifiimylife.com) https://AMPCon.live (AMPCon.live) https://www.amplifiibook.com/ (BuyAmplifiiBook.com)
Dec 21 2021
33 mins
How to Create a Powerful Leadership BrandPrice Vs. ValueHow Do You Engage Hearts and Minds A Conversation with Marcelo Montero
“It’s not that you want people to do what YOU want, which is a very shortsighted definition of influencing. To me, the role of a leader is to engage people in a way that they do what THEY want.” Today’s episode is a conversation with Marcelo Montero (recently retired from Cargill, Inc after 30 years) about his passion for storytelling and how he’s used it to help engage and motivate his teams across his professional career. Marcelo is passionate about driving strategic business transformation and growth, helping move thinking beyond what is believed possible, and fostering heart-based leadership to help others achieve their dreams.  He held leadership positions in Cargill’s food, salt and protein businesses for almost 30 years, including strategy and growth for the company’s global Protein and Salt platform, and presided over Salt in North America, Health & Nutrition and Specialty Sweeteners globally, and Flour Milling in South America. With a degree in economics from Universidad Nacional de Cordoba, Argentina, as well as a master’s degree in Agricultural & Applied Economics and an MBA from the University of Minnesota, Marcelo’s expertise and experience are second to none, and in this episode he’s sharing some of that with you! This interview was conducted in 2020. Resource Links: Connect with Marcelo: https://www.linkedin.com/in/marcelo-montero-266a9515 (https://www.linkedin.com/in/marcelo-montero-266a9515) AmpCon.live NeuroSide.com MeetRene.com Amplifiimylife.com
Nov 30 2021
19 mins