Questioning Questions


Apr 26 2022 • 23 mins

Every question asked and answered is an opportunity to understand each other better and fundamentally move your relationship, your organization, your project or family forward. How much thought do you put into the questions you ask the receptionist at your office each day, or the doorman of your building? Probably not very much.  “How’s it going?” “How are you doing?” Do you even seriously want to know the answer to those questions? When someone poses such a question to you, don’t you feel OBLIGATED to answer it? “You’ve got to be intentional with questions, they can guide you Into some really interesting places.” How do YOUR questions stand up? True leadership is about capitalizing on those opportunities presented with every question as opposed to being a victim of circumstance and habit who is just treading water verbally. In this episode, Rene breaks down the power of questions and how every leader should be using them to better themselves and their teams. Don’t miss it! Show Resources: https://theneuroside.com/ (TheNeuroSide.com) https://meetrene.com/ (MeetRene.com) https://amplifiimylife.com/ (Amplifiimylife.com) AmplifyBook.com 01:38 - Questions are a critical component 01:52 - Most people think ‘externally’ 02:20 - A question might make someone remember what they believe 03:25 - If I want to understand a company’s culture, I walk in, close my eyes and listen 04:20 - Most people don’t put much thought into the questions they ask 05:50 - The Art of Conversation - Episode 07 07:15 - Sometimes questions asked will tell you how you’re doing 08:24 - We feel an overwhelming OBLIGATION to answer questions that are asked of us 10:40 - Is the question self-serving? Or is it to YOUR benefit? 11:00 - Book - QBQ - The Question behind the Question 11:20 - What is it that they’re ACTUALLY trying to get at? 12:05 - Questions without much thought are often EMOTIONALLY based 13:30 - “If you’re going to attack me, attack me with more detail, please?” 14:55 - The person asking the question is LEADING the conversation 15:55 - Direction doesn’t mean CONTROL 18:00 - Learn how to clarify 19:00 - Learn to give rich answers to dumb questions 22:45 - AmplifyBook.com