169. Building a Community for Black Women: The Birth of Ìpàdé

Studio 78: Ignite Your Passion, Amplify Productivity, Achieve Success

Jul 9 2023 • 56 mins

In this episode, we chat with Elizabeth Gay, the founder of Ìpàdé, an event and meeting space designed specifically for Black women and femmes of color. Elizabeth discusses how Ìpàdé came to be, from the initial idea to securing a physical location. She emphasizes the importance of flexibility and the willingness to adapt the vision for Ìpàdé based on the evolving needs of the business and the space. Opening the first space in 2022 allowed her to realize the growing demand for a larger event space as people began coming together more frequently. This realization prompted her to make the necessary changes and adjustments to the original vision of Ìpàdé.

Tune in to learn more about Elizabeth's inspiring entrepreneurial journey and the importance of creating inclusive spaces for marginalized communities.

Show notes: nachesnow.com/169

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