174. Designing Across Borders: Navigating Business Abroad and Building a Multidisciplinary Design Studio

Studio 78: Ignite Your Passion, Amplify Productivity, Achieve Success

Aug 14 2023 • 50 mins

In this episode, I delve into the captivating journey of Ashley and Michelle Nelson, the visionary founders behind Wanderlust Aesthetic Design Studio. With an unwavering commitment to enhancing and beautifying spaces globally, this multidisciplinary design studio has captured the hearts of design enthusiasts everywhere. Tune in as I explore their origin stories, the inception of their studio, and tips for learning a new language when moving abroad. The Nelsons also share stories and insights into their design work, creative inspirations, and passion for enhancing spaces. This fascinating discussion provides an inside look at the visionaries behind Wanderlust Studio and their continued commitment to beautiful design.

Show Notes: NacheSnow.com/174

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